Some Employers Offer Their Employees subsidised Membership of Gym or Sports Clubs

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Some Employers Offer Their Employees subsidised Membership of Gym or Sports Clubs

Some employers offer their employees subsidised membership of gym or sports clubs, believing that this will make their staff healthier and thus more effective at work. Other employers see no benefit in so doing. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Nowadays, some companies opine that investing in personnel’s health through subsidising for sport or gym membership increases employee effectiveness. However, other employers do not see the reason for this.

As the old adage goes, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, some employees believe their staff’s health comes first for a company to be productive as they are now subscribing for their personnel’s membership at sports clubs or gyms. Sports improve overall well-being, which in turn ensures staff remains fit and free from illnesses, thus reduces the time spent in hospital seeking treatment and also it enhances the mental functioning of an individual as hence increasing the intelligence quotient (IQ). Intelligence quotient is a test designed to identify the intelligence level of an individual. According to a study carried out on the Verywell Mind Website in 2019, a report was released which linked the success of geniuses such as Marc Zuckerberg to Donald Trump to their high IQs of above 130. Individuals with high IQ, according to the study, exhibited good teamwork, better social skills and above all had the best time management skills.

On the contrary, others may argue that money spent on subsidies may well be used for on job training since it brings more advantages to the particular organisation than worrying about the work-life balance of an employee. On job training ensures a company will cut costs and save a great deal of time that can be incurred during outsourcing jobs or searching for new blood to fill a vacancy. Workers become highly motivated when they feel their organisation recognises their efforts and sees a need to upgrade them in their course of work.

In conclusion, investing in workers’ well being may be seen as an incentive by some to increase the overall performance of personnel, but subsiding for ongoing training benefits both the company and its employees.

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