Describe an Occasion When You Were Scared or Afraid

Describe an occasion when you were scared or Afraid

You should say:

  • When and where it happened
  • Who you were with
  • Why you were scared
  • How you felt about it

Sample Answer of Describe an Occasion When You Were Scared or Afraid

There were numerous occasions in life people were scared with or without reason. In my opinion, if we show some courage or mental strength on certain occasions, that will help us to overcome the particular incident. Today I would like to talk about one such situation it happened years before. When I was an employee of the company in the Sultanate of Oman, my annual leave was immediately granted by the management, and I quickly booked my flight to Cochin via Colombo.

I was very anxious and in the mood of an exuberant because to meet my family. It was Friday, and the journey began from Muscat airport without any turmoil. Three and half hours travel to Colombo was extremely peaceful, and the air hostess delivered food and amenities in between the travel. The flight was landed at Colombo airport at a sharp time, and my connection flight were scheduled after an hour prior to the previous flight’s arrival.

Suddenly the airport officials announced that the connection flight was immediately cancelled and along with other flights to Cochin. All of the passengers, including me, were frightened and felt disappointed because they were not reveal the reasons. After half an hour inquiry, we understand that due to heavy rain and flood, the airports in Kerala were closed imperatively. We were staggered and scared because we did not know the Srilankan language and did not know what was next?

However, the officials were very favourable, and they arranged temporary accommodation and food for all the passengers. Apart from this, they provide wifi and telephone cards to connect with our family. Really it was a rigorous moment for me. Nevertheless, it is a great experience in my life.

Follow-ups Describe an Occasion When You Were Scared or Afraid.

Question 1. Is it ok to frighten others?

Answer – For me, it is not good behaviour. Each and every individual’s characters and behaviours are entirely different from one another. We cannot predict how they react after they are scared. In addition, there are unexpected consequences also behind this. Those who are mentally weak may affect seriously.

Question 2. How do people usually get frightened?

Answer – There are plenty of occasions people may felt terrified in their life. Firstly, on the occasion of scary movies like conjuring and nun. Secondly, in between the driving. Lastly, there were some times like seeing creatures, animals, in between power failure and so on.

Question 3. Do children like to scare others?

Answer – Occasionally, when I was a child, I enjoyed scaring others. Once I realized the after-effects of this, I forcefully stopped the attitude. Same as me, children may end this behaviour once they realize its effects.

Question 4. Why is it easy to scare some people?

Answer – It may be easy to scare others because people already know others’ weak points and mannerisms. So, they tried to emotionally blackmail others. In addition, very few individuals are soft-hearted, and others can easily terrify them.

Question 5. What should people do when they feel scared?

Answer – People had collective emotions during these times. Some of them make loud noise, very few of them may cry, and others may laugh because they realize that it is hilarious. However, there are a few cases reported that people got heart failure when they felt scared unexpectedly.

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