Some Feel that Punishment Should Focus More on Rehabilitation Instead of Long Prison Terms

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Some Feel that Punishment Should Focus More on Rehabilitation Instead of Long Prison Terms

Some feel that punishment should focus more on rehabilitation instead of long prison terms. Others feel prison terms are important for social stability. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

The measures on how discipline can be inculcated either by rehabilitation or incarceration. In this essay, I will discuss both views, as well as give my own opinion.

Firstly, Crimes of all kinds are punishable. That is why we have various arms of government, the Legislative, Executive and Judiciary. The law must always take its cost. Hence there are different levels of punishment for each category of offence committed. For example, a person who disobeys traffic rules by parking in the wrong place or driving against the traffic light will be charged to pay some money, depending on the traffic offence, while a criminal who steals or kills will be killed.

Secondly, rehabilitation should be for minor or unserious offences. For example, someone who drinks and drives, who has failed to obey traffic rules severally, should be taken to the rehabilitation centre. In contrast, a politician who stole public funds should be jailed. There are laws that all citizens should abide by, and nobody is above the law. The law will always detect the measures of discipline that should be given, and some offences could also lead to a death sentence. A terrorist in the northern part of Nigeria was caught and immediately sentenced to death.

Lastly, in my own opinion, rehabilitation should be for a minor offence, such as traffic, or smoking in a non-designated area, while imprisonment should be for a serious offence, such as wrong use of hard drugs, robbery, attempted murder etc.

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