Some Feel that Schools Should Be Mixed with Both Girls and Boys Attending

Some feel that schools should be mixed with both girls and boys attending while others feel the genders ought to be separated. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

It is often argued that schools should consist of both boys and girls while others believe that they should be detached. In my opinion, I believe that although there are advantages and disadvantages of both genders studying together, overall they should not be apart.

Our society consists of girls and boys, and throughout the stages of study, boys and girls will interact more with each other, they will be more comfortable and will respect each other in the same learning environment. For instance, teachers in mixed classes make all gender participate and work together in groups; this further strengthens the relationship between them and creates healthy competition in these young minds. Also, economically, developing countries lack funds to build separate schools frequently, so they need to integrate the students to reduce construction costs, and in the end, life does not keep the keep them apart, they will still have to work in the same environment in the future, and because they have gotten accustomed to themselves, they will not have a hard time coping with the other sex.

However, some people do not support the integration of both genders in schools. Boys and girls are fundamentally different and in their early developmental stages are mostly concerned about their appearance, this could distract them, and sometimes, a single-sex school provides a more relaxed environment where students are free from the pressure of opposite-sex and this, in my opinion, promotes gender stereotypes and lack of diversity, for example, in an all-boys-school, a topic like reproduction will not be taught the way it ought to, because of the absence of female students. Also, debates in schools between boys and girls are more interesting psychologically and academically than same-sex debates.

In conclusion, while some people are against boys and girls studying together because they are different biologically and should be treated as such, I believe it will do them better if they attend the same school. However, I would argue that same-sex schools should be abolished in this 21st century.

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