Some People Think that Everyone Has the Right to Have Access

Some People Think that everyone has the right to have access to a university education. The Government should make it accessible for all students no matter what financial background They have. Do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

Tertiary education has become extremely popular in the past few decades. With the Government’s support, whether all students should be allowed to study in universities irrespective of their financial status has triggered a spirited debate. This essay will argue why Governments must reduce the tuition fees for universities and make it worth the standards they provide instead of offering completely free education.

It is undoubtedly true that the current trend of expensive tuition fees has problems. Firstly, money-poor students cannot afford such vast amounts of payment and hold themselves back with undesirable study options even though they are immensely aspirational. If bureaucrats provided scholarships to these student groups, universities would have had students with different financial backgrounds. Secondly, few universities may take advantage of this high-fee norm where students concerningly feel the education may be unworthy and unsatisfiable. For example, the equal educational standards provided by a college for an annual fee of $15000 is offered by a university for $35000.

Conversely, even if governments bring the law of no-fee policy, it would be challenging for the universities to manage costs uncured in their buildings’ maintenance and educational support. For example, how could the staff be paid and how could the study resources or building premises like canteen, the library can be maintained? In addition, few students may misuse the free offering and can expect even more or rather everything for free. To eradicate these inevitable consequences, university education must not be free rather, and it can be reduced, subsidised and made worthful to allow poor people to study.

To recapitulate, since high university fees are bothersome to lower middle class yet aspirational students and free education are impossible primarily and burdensome for the universities, l believe that the governments must reduce the cost of tertiary education and offer scholarships that everyone can afford and access.

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