Some People Believe More Actions Can Be Taken to Prevent Crime: Writing Task 2

Some people believe more actions can be taken to prevent crime, while others think that little can be done. Discuss both sides and give your own opinion.

People’s reactions and views on how to combat crime in society. In this essay, I will discuss if more or little action can be taken and also give my own opinion. Society is facing a severe problem with the increase in crime rate. Firstly let me explain some of the causes of crime. Most of the inmates in jail and police detention, when interview statistics show the highest number of these inmates are children from broken homes ( divorce couples ), single parents, and homeless children. Furthermore, a handful of them is as a result of unemployment. In other words, it is rare to see children from a happy homes going into criminal activities, as both parents will always join the force to inculcate discipline at home in the children. Moreover, the government has an important role to play as well. The government needs to step up to reduce the rate of unemployment. Nevertheless, more action should be taken to prevent crime, and with more action on crime, those intending to join the trend of criminal acts will back out. Those already in it will have a rethink and quit. Hence the consequences of crime should be extremely high. In some cases, the death sentence should be the penalty.

Considering the havoc, the pains and frustration criminals has caused innocent citizen in society, thinking of little to be done will be totally ignored. For example, a family of four, husband, wife and two kids, were gruesomely killed, even when they succeeded in collecting the belonging of the family. My favourite musician was killed in cold blood in the presence of his children by hoodlums. In the northern part of Nigeria, business activities have been shut down, and investors have relocated their businesses to another region due to criminal activities; furthermore, some pupils were kidnapped and taken to an unknown destination. These are children sent to school to learn by their parents. Also, nightlife has been a nightmare, as innocent people are scared of going out when it’s late. Government and every good citizen need to do all they can to prevent crimes. As a matter of fact, crime should not be handled with a light finger.

Finally, the root cause of crime needs to be handled with all hands on deck. It’s a clarion call for all, especially the government, parents and guidance, to do all they can to eradicate unemployment and create centres for skills acquisition and schools. Furthermore, parents should do all they can to always check on their children and report any suspicious activity to law enforcement, and more action is needed to prevent crime.

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