Some People Believe That Children’s Leisure Activities Must Be Educational

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Some People Believe That Children’s Leisure Activities Must Be Educational

Some people believe that children’s leisure activities must be educational. Otherwise, they are a complete waste of time. Do you agree or disagree?

A healthy and educated generation is the wealth of a Nation. Some people emphasize that children’s free time activities must be accidentally related. If not, the spending time will be useless. I partially agree with this statement. Children’s leisure activities tend to make education not always appreciable, but sometimes it is essential.

The primary reason for my partial agreement is that by modifying children’s leisure time to academic entertainment, students can develop their academic needs and achieve in their studies. Refurbishing their games to academic puzzles will develop their brain activities. If a student, for instance, is afraid of math, apart from their curriculum, involving in mathematics-related games as their entertainment activity will release the tensions & stress on that particular subject. Through this, they will enjoy and concentrate more on their weak subjects.

Moreover, the primary reason for my partial disagreement is that a lack of stress-releasing activities such as playing or entertaining will affect their mental stability due to overstressing and worrying about their studies. As a result, a student will receive regard at a young age that leads to minor or major mental issues which are intentional or not. If a pre-teenager, for example, is loaded with academic tensions and stresses, and if there is not a suitable platform to release, eventually, they will deteriorate by some mental health issues. They may affect partially or fully in their education too.

About education and leisure activities are the two sides of a coin in a child’s life. In other words, both are important. Consequently, mixing up their education and recreation brings good or sometimes can be ironic too.

It is generally considered that children’s recreation also is educational. If not, they are wasting their time. From my perspective, leisure activities of children renovating to education will benefit some students, whereas some may not.

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