Some People Believe that Hobbies Need to Be Difficult to Be Enjoyable

Some people believe that hobbies need to be difficult to be enjoyable. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

A group of people think that hobbies and activities are difficult to enjoy. Although, many people agree with this statement. But I disagree with this statement. I am giving some examples with reason in upcoming paragraphs.

On the one hand, many people believe that you do not enjoy your hobbies and activity without challenge. Even though people believe thrillers and challenging activities only consider a hobby. For instance, skydiving and scuba diving this activity has many risks. So, this is a hobby according to some people. But, many people do not have a good body, not only this problem, but also they have a fear of heights and water, so they were not doing this kind of hobby. As for simple pursuits such as reading or walking, they believe these activities are less challenging and tedious. Everybody can do these activities, and they do not require any kind of bravery.

On the other hand, Several people believe that high-risk activities are not only considered a hobby. Reading, walking and so on other non-risk activities are also hobbies for many people. For example, senior citizen people play cards and read a book. So, this is their interest. Some people are satisfied and feel proud because he or they read lots of books and gain much more knowledge, while others enjoy walking with their loved ones and maintaining their health. Moreover, people could not rank different hobbies based on the difficulty level of the activity.

To conclude, it is true that some hobbies are complicated, but others are easy, and everyone has different tests for their hobbies. I believe hobbies do not need to be challenging to be enjoyable, but they should be in accordance with a person’s interests.

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