Some People Believe that Students Should Acquire Working Experience During Their Gap Year Instead of Travelling

Some people believe that students should acquire working experience during their gap year instead of travelling. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give your opinion and include relevant examples.

Nowadays, many people prefer to gain different knowledge about different kinds of jobs and cultures. A number of people believe that students adopt working experience in their vacation time instead of travelling. I will discuss this statement in upcoming paragraphs with reasons and examples.

To begin with, many people think that students acquire work experience during vacation time. It is good for students, and also, they earn some money from work. In addition, they gain knowledge about real-life lessons and what kind of hurdles they face during the job they know about those situations. Students gain work experience at an early age; this is good for them. After graduation, students do not need to gain knowledge for work they already have, and this is the main reason. For instance, they got direct jobs in any company or firm compared to non-experienced students. Another reason is they learn how to manage your expenses. Moreover, they also understand the value of money. Thus, students gain working experience at an early age. It is good for them.

However, many people believe it is good for students to travel in their free time. It has some benefits for students to travelling. First of all, they gain a bundle of knowledge about different cultures and cities or countries. Secondly, after 12 years of study they need some time to relax and be free from this stressful life this is the main reason for travel. For example, students refresh their minds during travelling, and they forget all worries. That’s why many people believe students should travel instead of work.

To conclude, work and travelling both their own benefits for students. In my opinion, I believe students gain work experience instead of travel because they gain work knowledge, the value of money and how to manage expanse this is learning from work experience, not the travelling.

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