Talk About A Time When You Had Discussion On Money

Talk About A Time When You Had a Discussion On Money

  • When it was?
  • To whom do you have it?
  • What did you learn?
  • How did it benefit you?

Sample Answer of Talk About A Time When You Had Discussion On Money

Today, money is even more important than the fundamental needs of humans and I feel lucky that I had an opportunity to discuss the value of money. The fact is that I used to very spendthrift and spend all my pocket money on wasteful things. Considering this my father requested my uncle, who is actually a businessman to have a discussion with me related to money with me.

My uncle during the recent meeting started by telling me a story of a businessman who was a millionaire but he lost everything just because of his habit of being a spend-thrift. In addition, he also advised me about how to grow money because he himself started making money at age 12 by renting his comic book to his friends.

I found this idea quite unique and innovative. In fact, he gifted me a famous book rich dad, Poor dad’ to understand the basic concepts of money management and reducing expenses. I must say this discussion brought a huge change and I stopped wasting my money on worthless things such as video games and chocolates and others. Last month, I paid my school fees with my savings and my father was proud of me. Overall, it was a wonderful discussion related to money that I had.

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