Some People Believe that Studying at University or College Is the Best Route to A Successful Career

Some People Believe that Studying at University or College Is the Best Route to A Successful Career, While Others Believe That It Is Better to Get a Job Straight After School. Discuss Both Views and Give Your Opinion.

Education is not compulsory, but it’s equally vital for individuals. Some belief in going to university or college to get the desired career, while others believe in getting a job after higher secondary education. I think it is good if people go to college and university for better career options.

To begin with, It’s an individual choice to make such a decision. Some have in-born talent and are well-known for the path they want to choose. However, People who go to university or college for a degree end up taking education due to practical knowledge. for instance, workshops are provided to enhance your understanding. It even assists students in coming up with their actual strengths & skills. This apparently helps create its boundaries and develop and polish them as well. Obtaining a degree from a reputed university or college exposes an individual to prestigious companies worldwide.

While on the other hand, some people who are not graduated still earn equally as graduated. However, due to awareness of the direction they are choosing was in the early stage. This helps them to earn money at a very early stage of life. It also helps when someone doesn’t have enough money to study in college or university. Like advantages, it also has some drawbacks. For instance, Business communication skill is lacking, and basic meeting etiquette is missed. They don’t tend to take risks and are not venerable to other companies overseas.

In the rapidly growing world, successful companies prefer a skilled person with great communication skills rather than someone who only knows how to get the work done; therefore, the one who holds a degree will always have one step advantage in every aspect.

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