Several Languages Are in Danger of Extinction Because They Are Spoken by Very Small Numbers of People

Several Languages Are in Danger of Extinction Because They Are Spoken by Very Small Numbers of People. Some People Say that Governments Should Spend Public Money on Saving These Languages, While Others Believe that Would Be a Waste of Money. Discuss Both These Views and Give Your Opinion.

Many dialects are at risk of going into exile because minimal numbers of individuals speak them. While certain personnel upholds that government should invest public funds to safeguard these languages, others feel it is a way to lavish money. However, the stand of this essay is that indigenous speakers should teach primary languages to the young ones from the cradle so that it will be sustainable.

To start with, setting cash aside for preserving our language is a crucial government responsibility at every level of education. As such, the expenses can be used to employ qualified and well-groomed linguistics tutors who can effectively teach grassroots languages. For instance, in 2019, UNICEF propagated elementary school linguistics grooming as an essential tool to enhance its sustainability. Hence, the government can maintain language continuity through its investment in education.

Contrary to the above, the aim for investment in language sustainability may not be achieved if such spending is allocated wrongly. This is because failure to utilize appropriate learning materials for the subject can jeopardize the expected results. For example, purchasing poorly illustrated textbooks can deter students from comprehending the language. In other words, financing the wrong educational language tools will lead to a waste of funds.

However, this essay opines that the immediate speakers of each language should inculcate a culture of communicating with them in these languages with their children. More so, it will unconsciously become part of their daily usage and the ability to retain it will be easier.

In conclusion, the government has got to play its role in the right sense so that its commitment will be meaningful. However, the members of the communities should also guild against the disappearance of this dialect.

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