Some People Feel that Certain Workers Like Nurses, Doctors and Teachers Are Undervalued

Some people feel that certain workers like nurses, doctors and teachers are undervalued and should be paid more, especially when other people like film actors or company bosses are paid huge sums of money that are out of proportion to the importance of the work that they do. -How far do you agree? -What criteria should be used to decide how much people are paid? You should use your own ideas, knowledge and experience and support your arguments with examples and relevant evidence.

It is an undeniable fact that, in the contemporary era, everyone wants to earn a handsome salary for their work. While some individuals opine that professionals are like nurses, teachers, and so on deserve more income, other people such as film actors, firm employers get more salary than the work they are done. I fully agree with this notion and the reasons behind this highlight in the forthcoming paragraphs and also highlight which sagacious way should follow by regimes to mitigate this problem.

To embark with, professionals like teachers, doctors and so on the nation builders of each country; however, they do not get the income which they desired. For instance, the average salary of teachers and nurses is approximately 20,000, which is negligible as compared to celebrities. As a result, it misleads the professionals from their path. Moreover, in the inflationary epoch, people are becoming materialistic and want a consumptive lifestyle. Due to their low wage, they take loans from a bank, which lead to bankruptcy.

More reasons to agree with this notion is that great personalities get money according to their own choice, but in the case of employees, their income is being decided by authorities. The high salary of celebrities tends to increase the differences among middle-class people. In addition to this, famous actors only entertain the people with their ability and earn thousand of rupees in a few hours, whilst the work is being done by professionals in a whole day.

At the eleventh hour, I intend to say that although there are a plethora of causes why ordinary people should pay huge money as compared to celebrities, I still believe that its the responsibility of regime to appreciate the professionals to give them a handsome salary in order to remove inequity among celebrities and ordinary people.

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