Some People Say That the Educational Success of a Student Is the Result of the Work of a Good Teacher

Some people say that the educational success of a student is the result of the work of a good teacher. Others say it depends on the character of the student. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

It is considered by a few masses that the educational achievement of the pupil is the outcome of the hard work of a good mentor. Others believe that it relies on the personality of the student. In my perspective, pedagogue contributes immensely to assist learners in achieving educational success; however, it is only possible if students are willing to learn. So, both have an equal role in educational success.

To begin with, those who consider that the literary success of a student is the consequence of a teacher’s hard work. It is gospel truth. Because the instructor is a veteran in his or her respective field and with his/her years’ experience facilitates the teacher-learning process by introducing interactive learning, technology such as overhead projectors, other techniques, namely flashcards, real objects or field trips. So, learners understand well. In this way, tutors do hard labour to make every child enhance their knowledge and get good grades in school. Thus, children not only broaden the origin of their knowledge but also learn cooperation, feeling of brotherhood and they develop a teams spirit when they work in any group.

On the other hand, some think that academic performance depends on the disposition of the pupil. They believe because if a child burns the midnight oil, then he or she gets success. So, intellectual success is based on a pupil’s attitude, intelligence and determination. If a student does not possess is the above-mentioned traits, he or she is unable to get literary success. Even sound strategies get failed in front of students, are not internally motivated. For instance, nowadays, due to covid-19, it is a herculean task for the learners to go to attend formal institutes and act upon the guidelines of their tutors. Therefore, with the help of technology and at their own place with little contribution of their teachers, they are doing hard work and getting good grades. So, it is considered that a good academic record is the consequence of a pupil’s own efforts, his or her hard work and his intelligence.

To conclude, in consideration of the above-mentioned statements, educational success is the result of a good teacher such as his or her attractive techniques, technology; whereas children’s interest and willingness cannot be overlooked. I think literary success is the efforts of a good mentor with the help of students who do hard work and are enthusiastic about achieving high scores.

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