There Is Little Difference in the Shops Now Operating in Various Nations

There is little difference in the shops now operating in various nations. Some people think this is a positive development, while others believe it is a negative one. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Several sections of the community believe that selling a unique product in shops are more convenient for people in many countries, while others think that it makes negative. Buying a favourite product in the shop and from an e-commerce website make a positive trend. This ongoing development and view will be discussed in the upcoming partographs.

To Begin, An individual who visits any nearest shop to buy some basic necessities stuff would expect stuff should be an original product in terms of the selection of products in shops. In addition, e-commerce shopping platform where users can buy multiple products in a single place, but there are also need to verify the same basic necessities they would expect in original products. for example, there are many Supermarkets, and online shopping have sold similar stuff who sell numerous unique products where people can bring the inefficient product way without any huddle and make straight-forward toward the shopping. However, In this development guarantees a consistent customer experience.

Furthermore, there is also the risk that corporations will become powerful monopolies. The major implication is that would be many local shops are likely to go out of business.

The supermarket and online shopping business will force to the customer to buy some duplicate product from in-store .that mean profit directed toward of selected companies and their stockholder and these company became larger and more powerful as well as its easier to them enter the new market on lowest price to dominate the computation and establish on unhealthy monopoly.

In conclusion, Despite the wide range of consistent options available for the consumer. The rise of monopoly power is generally damaging. It is therefore important for individual nations to curb this trend when possible.

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