Some People Say That We Are Spending Too Much Money on Personal Events

Some people say that we are spending too much money on personal events such as weddings and birthdays. Why is it important to celebrate these events? Do you think we are spending too much money?

It is often seen that many people spend lavishly on the celebration of special occasions to create unforgettable memories. This essay will indulge in the rationale behind the importance of such events and put forth my opinion that the extra expense is entirely unnecessary and detracts from the key reason for having the celebration.

To commence with, essential occasions like weddings and birthdays are happy events that bring the family closer. In other words, these celebrations act as a platform to meet the extended family members, distant relatives and thus often result in stronger family ties and bonds. Another pivotal aspect is that celebrations are also a means to educate younger generations about their rituals and traditions in some cultures. This is best illustrated by the “Brahmin” community in India, where grand offerings are made to the priests with meal arrangements for the guests in attendance during the special worships. Owing to these rationales, the significance of these ceremonies cannot be underestimated.


Having said that, in my mind, extravagance is not warranted as it often deviates from the main motive of celebration, which is to enjoy that moment. A typical Indian wedding in India, for instance, is usually celebrated luxuriously in a fancy hotel, with exquisite decorations and a vast menu, which sometimes lands the host family in debt. Likewise, spending the sheer amount of money on regular events like birthdays or worships is uncommon, which is uncalled for. The trend of holding ostentatious family functions has ignited a sense of competition among families and peers. Everyone tries to flaunt their wealth and often ends up spending beyond their financial capability.

Considering the points above, I believe that family celebrations allow cherishing the critical moments in the loved one’s life. I do agree that spending extravagantly on these occasions is a sheer waste of one’s hard-earned money. Instead, these events can be celebrated modestly while keeping the focus on the joyous moments.

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