Describe an Incident where Someone Apologized to You

Describe an incident where someone apologized to you. You should say:
– Who was it?
– When was it?
– What did the person say?
– Why was this incident memorable to you?

I completed my schooling in Sita Devi school, which is located near Tambaram. I joined my B.Sc Maths in MOP Vaishnav College for women. Which is located in Nungambakkam. A reputed institution in Chennai. At that time, I was living in Chitlapakkam, where I had to travel about 25-30 KM to reach my college. I used to take my bicycle and travel about 3 KM to reach Tambaram railway station, and then I had to catch the unit train to reaching Nungambakkam station. After that, I again have to catch a share auto to reach my college. Since I had to travel this long distance, my father bought me a new mobile phone and a basic Sony Erricson set, an expensive gadget at that time.

I used to bring that daily to my colleagues and me, and my close friend named Saranya used to listen to the radio and even we used to listen to the news with that. We really enjoyed every day. Suddenly one day my mobile phone was missing. I searched every nook and corner. My father mother shouted at me like anything. After two days since I was crying badly about losing my cell phone, my friend Saranya gave it back. She said she was fond of my cell phone, so she stole it. She gave it back and cried .

She apologies to me for crying. I was dumped into shock, and I had no words to say. It was my close friend who had stolen my phone. And I had no clue about it. I don’t shout at her. I don’t hate her. I just returned the phone to her and said: “ you are more important to me than this “.

She fell and cried said, “ sorry to me. Seriously I don’t want to say this in any situation as she is my friend, and I don’t want to make her feel bad .

Trust me, that situation made our friendship even stronger, and we are still together.


Question1. What kind of apology means more to you: words or actions?

Answer – Apology is meant on each person’s attitude. I personally won’t encourage by action. As we know, our beloved ones won’t make mistakes intentionally, so there is no need to even apologise in words.

Question2. Why are people selfish?

Answer – People are really good by their birth, only due to situation they have been forced to be selfish. For example, if you and your family are left hungry, obviously you will be forced to do theft.

Question3. Should we be more considerate?

Answer – As per me, consideration regarding apology is really high. I personally won’t carry baggage with me. Let us forgive and be happy always.

Question4. What teaches us to be considerate?

Answer – It may be the experience, I would say, for example. When you go to a place that is really crowded, you should be considerate enough to close your neck and protect your gold chain.

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