Some People Think Parents Should Supervise Their Children’s Activities

Some people think parents should supervise their children’s activities, while others believe children should be free to do what they want in their free time. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

A few individuals conceive that guardians must control their children’s activities. On the contrary, others believe that kids should be free to do what they want in their leisure time. I think parents shoulder an eye on their children’s activities. Both points will be discussed further in an ensuing paragraph with appropriate reasons and suitable examples.

Starting with the former view that the father and mother of the child should keep an eye on every activity they are playing. Because children do not have enough attention-related conditions of the place, the site’s atmosphere, and make sure that area isn’t crowdy. These days child trafficking is the most critical issue in the world. Parents have to know about all things which are going on this globe. Moreover, other points are that if any child has injuries while playing on the ground, the guardian should have done first-aid first. Parents should immediately admit the children to the hospital if serious injuries occur.

Other people believe that kids should be free to do things which they would like to do. Some individuals conceive that children should play games or do things which they want most in their life. It can be crucial to improve their inner skills and apply them in life.

To recapitulate, people should watch all activities children can do for their safety and play freely and the game they would like to play to improve their inner skills. After all, I believe both points should be kept in mind for children’s promising future.

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