The Local Government Is Planning to Change the Bus Timetable

The Local Government Is Planning to Change the Bus Timetable. You Are Not Happy About the Proposed Changes. You Have Decided to Write About It to The Local Newspaper Editor. Write a Letter to The Newspaper. in The Letter,

  • Describe the changes.
  • Explain how that will affect you.
  • Say how you would like the service to be improved.

Dear sir,

I am writing this letter to express my dissatisfaction against the change of bus time table.

As per your new bus timetable, the bus going to University at 8 am will be going to University at 9 am as per the new timetable. Because of this change, all the students of the University are affected due to this change, and they can’t attend the first lecture at the University.

I suggest you improve the routes of buses instead of changing the bus timetable as well as cleaning the inner side of the seats and luggage carrier.

All in all, please write something about this problem in your newspaper.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours faithfully,

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