Some People Think that Governments Should Give Financial Support to Creative Artists Such as Painters and Musicians

Some People Think that Governments Should Give Financial Support to Creative Artists Such as Painters and Musicians. Others Believe that Creative Artists Should Be Funded by Alternative Sources. Discuss Both Views and Give Your Own Opinion.

Creative artists are an essential part of society. Although, some people believe that government bodies should give financial support to creative artists such as musicians and painters. But, several people think non-government bodies like NGOs should fund artists. In this essay, I will discuss both sides and give my opinion in the conclusion paragraphs.

This passage will shed some light on why governments should give financial support. To begin with, if Governments support local artists, then artists develop their art instead of generating their income. For instance, governments buy local artists’ paintings, showcase them in museums, and generate passive income. This is a benefit for both artists as well as governments. However, some time Government pay artists for living expense, but artists should refrain from generating their income through their art. So, That time governments lose their money. Hence, this situation has positive as well as negative impacts on the government and artists.

On the other hand, non-governments bodies such as NGOs funded local artists instead of governments. This also merits and demerits for both. The non-government organization is funded by buying materials for artists and other equipment. So, artists focus on their art and generate income through their art. This is a benefit for the artist. Moreover, these NGOs organize some events and showcase artists’ talent in front of people, generating income for that, and artists make publicity for that. Thur, this is a positive note for both.

To conclude, both views are genuine, and governments should financially support the artists so that they focus on their art, not the money. Also, private organizations and artists can have mutual benefits.

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