Individuals Can Do Nothing to Protect the Environment, and Only Governments and Big Companies Can Make a Difference

Individuals can do nothing to protect the environment, and only governments and big companies can make a difference. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Some believe that environment can not be protected by individual efforts. Only government and big companies can protect it. In my opinion, every effort makes a difference, and it is not only government or companies’ duty to protect the environment. In the following essay, I will discuss my views on protecting the environment at the individual level.

The environment is getting polluted day by day, and if we do not make any effort to protect it, then we just have to be ready to suffer in future. Each and every individual on earth can contribute to protecting the environment, and for that, every individual should understand that protecting mother nature is also their responsibility and not only the government’s responsibility.

Air, water, soil pollution, and deforestation is causing the greenhouse effect leading to a rise in temperature and sea level by melting of the glacier. Air pollution also causes many breathing and lung-related disease, and to prevent that, individuals can make an effort like they can use public transport or car pull to reach work. They can also stop using firecrackers. To prevent soil pollution, individuals can limit the usage of plastic bags, and they can switch to paper or cloth bags. Individuals can also try to throw waste only in the dustbin rather than littering here and there. Individuals can also try to celebrate their birthdays or any good occasion by planting more trees and by doing this they can both enjoy the occasion and also help in saving the environment. These small efforts do not require much time or money, and at the same time, cumulatively, these small efforts can make a big difference.

To conclude, saving the environment is the duty of every individual on earth. One can not rely only on the government to protect mother nature. Every small effort can make some difference, and we should include these efforts in our daily routine so that they can become our habit and thus, we can protect our environment for our future generations.

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