Some People Think that The Best Way to Reduce the Time Spent Travelling to Work Is to Replace Parks and Gardens

Some people think that the best way to reduce the time spent travelling to work is to replace parks and gardens close to the city centre with apartment buildings for commuters, but others disagree. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Nowadays, parks and gardens perform well in our daily life. It gives space as well as close to the environment. Many people think that gardens or parks should be replaced with housing and apartments because of less travelling time needed for work, while others disagree with this statement. This essay will discuss both views in upcoming paragraphs, and I will give my opinion in conclusion.

This paragraph will shed some light on the positive side of building apartments instead of parks and gardens. To begin with, many people live outside downtown and work downtown, so people think, why make an apartment to replace a garden area? Moreover, this action reduces travelling time and saves people money because people live near their workplace. So, people do not need to travel by car or bus to their workplace. Secondly, this action is also environmentally good because people use fewer transport vehicles and produce less carbon dioxide. Thus, these are some benefits for commuters.

Conversely, parks and gardens are required in the downtown area because this area does not have open spaces without parks or gardens. Park and gardens have many benefits. To commence with, people work all day and after that person goes to the park for relaxation and for some other reason. In addition, elderly people do morning walks in gardens and children play in the park. For instance, the government made strict rules for parks and gardens in India. In India, a 10-kilometre radius having one park or garden is compulsory. The second reason is parks and gardens have a bad impact on the environment, and people do not feel fresh air due to the lack of trees, so these are the many reasons not to replace gardens or parks with apartments or residential areas.

To conclude, in my opinion, sacrificing the environment to reduce travelling time is not good for people. Environmental work from home is the best alternative for reducing travelling time. So, parks or gardens are also good for working people and children.

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