The First Man to Walk on The Moon Said Space Exploration Was Going to Change: Writing Task 2

The first man to walk on the moon said space exploration was going to change mankind’s life. Some people argue that it made only a little change to our lives. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Neel Armstrong had said that mankind’s life was going to experience a great impact from space exploration, but many individuals believe that it made almost no change to their lives. I think space exploration has made some difference in our life but not a great difference. Still, there is a lot to explore. In the following essay, I will discuss both opinions and my view on it.

To begin with, Neel Armstrong was the first astronaut who got a chance to walk on the moon, and after exploring the moon, he claimed that man’s life was going to change. And he is right to some extent like space exploration leads us to the new sight that it is possible to live on the moon or mars in future. Scientists found remnants of water on the moon and mars. Scientists are working on space travel for common people. Elon musk founded a company called space X which is working on this day and night. If this happens, many can leave earth and stay in space.

However, Some people argue that space exploration is not that helpful. It can damage the ozone layer more and increase damage to the environment. Also, there are many problems on earth that require attention, so rather than wasting money on space exploration, that money should be used for dealing with common people’s problems. Moreover, they claim that if space travel is possible in future, not everyone can afford it, and it would be beneficial to only billionaires on earth. And also, space satellites can be used to spy on other nations, which is not good. I also believe that many issues on earth need to be addressed first rather than exploring space.

Space exploration has contributed to people’s lives but is not up to the mark. Problems of common people should be focused more than on space exploration.

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