Some Think Higher Institutions Should Concentrate More on Academic Subjects Such as History

Some think higher institutions should concentrate more on academic subjects such as history and the physical sciences. In contrast, others believe they should focus more on practical issues such as car mechanics, cooking, etc. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Sample 1 Some Think Higher Institutions Should Concentrate More on Academic Subjects Such as History

A few masses have suggested that universities should focus on academic subjects, while others opine that they must emphasize practical matters. In my perspective, a mixed approach is viable. Students can learn to cook and drive, but they will lag in getting jobs in multinational companies. Moreover, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. So, practical subjects will give them only half understanding.

Those who consider higher institutes must focus on study subjects to embark with. They say that academic knowledge is essential to get a degree and further helps attain a job. To elaborate, no firm or any college allows working without a degree. The collected knowledge that they have gained after spending many years in any institute assists them in opening doors of employment in their own or overseas countries. Individuals use that knowledge for the welfare of their workplace. To exemplify it, a surgeon cannot operate without the inside of the human body. He has spent many years attaining theory and can perform after that.

According to the second school of thought, practical subjects must be focused on. First and foremost, cooking essentially needs a person’s interest and judgement. All and sundry can be good Chefs without degrees or diplomas. They use their creativity and imagination to make something new. Thus they do not need to depend on others for a job. They can be self-employed. Therefore, if practical subjects are focused, then every person without trust in the study can use it. For instance, now and then, a new video is uploaded by people, who are not well educated, but their zeal to make something makes them famous. Cooking tactics of grandmother is one of the episodes on television, which proves that practical knowledge is enough and must be promoted.

To conclude, it is clear that without knowledge of important subjects, a person cannot become a doctor or engineer. Meanwhile, practical matters help people earn hefty amounts irrespective of age or gender. But I consider both indispensable as these two are incomplete without each other. To get better rewards, concentration must depend on both these.

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