Some Young People Like to Copy the Behaviour and Clothes of Famous People Today

Some young people like to copy the behaviour and clothes of famous people today. Why might this be the case? What problems can it cause?

In today’s world, There is no doubt that most youngsters are fascinated by celebrities’ high standards of living and imitate their behaviour and lifestyle. This essay will discuss the reasons for this and the problems it may cause.

On the one hand, The primary reason is the desire to find themselves and shape their personality; as a consequence, they want to become as successful as they are and start copying their favourite star; also, often young pupils try to impress society by wearing same clothes as celebrities are and act like them in real life.

On the other hand, due to copying their favourite characters, they are starting to buy unnecessary stuff in huge amounts, such as bags, shoes, dresses and so on. As a result, they dug into the financial crisis and could not pay their credit card bills on time; when they start to copy their bad habits like smoking, drinking alcohol or using heavy doses of drugs, they can become addicted to those drugs. At the same time, they are losing their health, family, relatives and healthy relationships.

In conclusion, Adults will follow their favourite stars, but they have to know their boundaries. They should not choose the same direction as popular people due to changing trends simultaneously.

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