Describe a time when you heard a stranger talking over the phone

Sample 1

employment agency agent (pic makes from https://www.canva.com)Well, I have not been interested in listening to the other’s conversation but sometimes it happens with me. Here I would like to share a situation with you when I hurt an unknown person who was talking over the mobile phone.

Last month, I was traveling to Delhi from Moga by train. On the time I reserved my ticket so I sit according to my seat. A person who sat next to me looks like a professional. After 10 minutes suddenly his phone rang. As soon as he picked the call and start speaking loudly which force me to put attention towards his conversation.

He introduced himself as an employment agency agent and I guessed on the other side maybe a youngster who wants to get a job. Because he explained to him about online business for their benefits. As I had finished my college and I also search for employment, so I could not stop myself to listen to his talk.  I know that it is not a good habit but I heard him.

He explained to the Other about online jobs such as content writer,  spelling products, data entry and so on. Along with this he also told the name of one or two websites. with the help of these websites, individuals get a job which is relevant for them. Unfortunately, I did not catch the name of websites which he told.

So as soon as he cut the call I introduced myself and apologize to him for listening to his talk. I requested him could you please repeat the websites name because I also finding a job. He was a very kind person. He accepted my sorry and told me the name of the website. In addition to it, he also gave his visiting card to me and said feel free to call if you have any query. So that was the time when I heard someone over the phone.


Sample 2

IELTS study materialWell, the mobile phone has become part and parcel of our life. It helps us to be in touch with our family and friends. We can talk with our near and dear ones in just a few seconds. So here I would take an opportunity to talk about a time when I heard a stranger talking over the phone. I Explain it briefly.

About a year ago I was going to Ludhiana city via bus. I shared my seat with a stranger who was a young person. After some time his phone started ringing and he received the call. Maybe, he was talking with his friend who had joined the ielts course in order to go abroad for his further studies. The name of call receiver was Rahul. He was encouraging to his friend to get a good band score in the IELTS exam. I know that it is a bad manner to hear someone’s personal talk. But I could not control myself from hearing him because at the same time I had also joined the IELTS course.

In addition, that stranger was advising his friend to get help from a website named Ieltsfever.com Which provides free IELTS study material to students. I felt very surprised at that time because I thought that how can a website do such the thing? I also wanted to know about that website.

So when that unknown person cut the call, I started talking with him. I felt that he is a kind-hearted man. I asked him about that particular website, then he explained to me that this website ieltsfever.com help learners to achieve high band score in IELTS exam by giving tips and tricks to them. Moreover, he said that the team of this special website organized IELTS mock test twice a month which helps the juvelines to evaluate their efficiency in the English language.

Overall, I felt on the ninth cloud after hearing it and I thank that stranger, Rahul for this fruitful information. So that was the time when I heard a stranger talking over the mobile phone

call from a stranger at a public place speaking cue card


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