Studying Business or Science-Related Subjects at The University Level Is More Important

Studying business or science-related subjects at the university level is more important than arts-related courses like literature. Do you agree or disagree?

In the contemporary day and age, there is a war of words regarding the belief that learning corporation or technology regarding the subject at the university level is more essential than creative subjects. I partially agree with the notion and give reasons in the following paragraphs and will render a logical conclusion.

Analysing the statement and explaining further, I partially welcome the statement that people should study science and commercial subjects. Multifarious reasons are there for my Outlook. The first and most paramount one is this type of job are highly paying and to feed family member, it is very important to get a good salary job. As a result, the majority of individuals like to learn that subjects. Secondly, after studying this subject, people find a job easily in their sectors. For instance, doctors, engineers, the person who completes their master’s in business can search for a job effortlessly with a good salary package.

On second thought, a couple of reasons drive me to consider the opposite notion as well because arts-related subjects like literature are also important for people to get to know about various information. Because very few individuals like to take it and half of them have knowledge about it. Consequently, taking that subject is essential to learn about a different type of creative activity.

To recapitulate, although creative subjects help know about various activities. From my point of view, commercial and science subjects are high revenue and good workplace facilities.

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