Parents Are the Best Teachers. Do You Agree or Disagree With the Following Statement?

Parents are the best teachers. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. You should give reasons for your answer using your own ideas and experience.

Parents play a crucial role in children’s development. They teach everything to their child. Hence every parent not only acts as a parent but also as a good teacher. Therefore, I completely agree with the provided statement, which will nu discussed with supportive examples and reasons.

To commence with, as parents teach how to behave in front of others, speak and write to their child. Parents also guide individual pathways to choose a carrier. To explicate it, if children have an interest in drowning, then their parents provide them coaching for that. Additionally, guardians help to choose their further studies and profession. Moreover, children can learn manners from their parents. Therefore, guardians are initial teachers.

Furthermore, any children are as good as their guardians. However, many parents do not spend enough time with their children, so children can not share their conflicts which may lead to a lack of problem-solving capacity. For instance, due to lack of time, few parents are unable to concentrate on their children. Thus, the child may not have more influence on their parents. It may affect their behaviour, and they feel alone, so that child may become mentally disturbed. For example, many children opt inappropriate studies since the lack of proper guidance and discussion. Suppose parents do not focus on development, so May become introverted, which causes problems in group discussion since children are unable to share their views. However, the majority of parents provide enough attention to the child and are serious about studies so their children may have a bright future.

To recapitulate, children influence by their guardians and learn everything like manners and behaviour. In addition to that parents is the first principal point for children to learn. Thus every parent is the best teacher.

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