Talk About a Bar of Chocolate You Didn’t Like

Talk about a bar of chocolate you didn’t like. You should say:

  • What it was?
  • When do you taste it?
  • How it tasted like?
  • And explain why you didn’t like it.

Sample Answer of Talk About a Bar of Chocolate You Didn’t Like

I have tried a wide variety of chocolates, such as dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, fruit and nuts, and I like most of them. However, I remember last year when we were on a trip, my friend offered me sneakers, and I did not like their taste.

I like peanuts and Cadbury alone, but in combination, peanuts felt like a taste breaker instead of an enhancer. In snickers, peanuts are mixed in caramel sauce and then added in chocolate which I did not like.

My friend was surprised and told me someone could not like this chocolate. Another chocolate which I tried a few weeks ago was mint-flavoured Cadbury. My Aunt brought it for me from Dubai.

I just tried one bite, but the taste was so pathetic that I rushed to the bathroom to spit it out. I don’t know why companies are experimenting so much with chocolates.

Part 3 Questions  Talk About a Bar of Chocolate You Didn’t Like

Question 1:- What are the facts about chocolate?

Answer – I read one article in which dark chocolates are good for the heart and reduce the risk of a heart attack.

Question 2:- Where does Cocoa come from?

Answer – Cocoa comes from trees, cocoa beans are dried, and then the powder is made by crushing it.

Question 3:- Why do people love chocolate so much?

Answer – Chocolates are mood uplifting and are easily available; they can enhance the taste of cake, pudding, desserts and many more.

Question 4:- Which type of chocolate do you like the most?

Answer – I love eating dark chocolates because they are my stress busters.

Question 5:- Do children like to eat different chocolates?

Answer – Yes, they just need an excuse to eat chocolates. They want to try every variety, and companies also make chocolates in different shapes to attract them.

Question 6:- Can you describe some popular flavours of chocolate?

Answer – Milk chocolate, dark chocolate-25%, 55%, 70% and 90%, white chocolate – it is not actually chocolate. It is made up of different dairy products.

Question 7:- What are some products that are made of chocolate?

Answer – Cakes, pastries, puddings, hot chocolate, muffins and much more. People also add chocolate to their coffee. Nowadays, the chocolate sandwich is also available, which is delicious.

Question 8:- Do people like chocolate cakes?

Answer – Yes, people enjoy chocolate cakes, and because of this, most bakeries keep more than 50% of cakes in chocolate flavours such as back forest, chocolate truffle, death by chocolate, choco lava cake and a lot more.

Question 9:- Is it easy to make chocolate at home?

Answer – No, making chocolate from scratch is not possible at home, but one can make it from cocoa powder, which is easily available in the market.

Question 10:- Why chocolate is the most preferred sweet worldwide?

Answer – Because it increases blood sugar, it increases energy instantly. It releases dopamine from the brain, which is a feel-good hormone. Moreover, it is easily available, tastes good and is affordable too.

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