Talk About a Positive Change in Your Life: Recent Speaking Cue Card

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Talk About a Positive Change in Your Life

Talk about a positive change in your life. You should say:

  • What the change was?
  • When does it happen?
  • How does it happen?
  • And explain why it was a positive change.

Sample Answer of Talk About a Positive Change in Your Life

Changes are part of life, and many are difficult in the beginning, but as we get used to them, they become a routine habits. I vividly remember before six months I was not as fit as today, and I lacked stamina.

I was suffering from back and neck pain because of my work. Then I decided to change my lifestyle because it was a bit sedentary, and I never exercised regularly. So I started with some basic exercises such as cardio and stretching.

I also tried yoga, and it helped me to relax my mind as well. However, I continued this only for two months after that, I started feeling lazy, but I did not want to give up.

Therefore, I joined a gym nearby so that I could have a personal trainer who could guide and motivate me. In that gym, along with exercise, there are Zumba and aerobics sessions which I enjoy the most because I love to dance.

Now, it has become my routine habit to visit the gym, and I am glad that I joined it because it is helpful for both a healthy body and mind and I would like to continue this habit for the rest of my life.

Part 3 Questions Talk About a Positive Change in Your Life

Question 1:- Is your country changing rapidly?

Answer – Yes, India is developing very fast, and there are new advances in every field, from space exploration to research in the medical field to advancement in agriculture. Moreover, other than advances in the fields, the people of my country are also becoming open-minded.

Question 2:- How is your country changing?

Answer – As I said above, my country is advancing in terms of new technologies along with a more positive mindset of people. For example, gay marriages were not accepted in the past and transgenders were not allowed to work, but now it is possible in India.

Question 3:- Do you believe that the changes your country went through are positive?

Answer – Yes, most changes are positive. People have more opportunities and freedom to pursue what they like.

Question 4:- Do you think change is good?

Answer – Yes, absolutely, I Love this India where women are now encouraged to study and follow their passion, unlike past when they had to stay back at home and had no freedom. I think India is getting better in many ways and people are happier because of these changes.

Question 5:- What are some of the major changes that usually occur in people in their lives?

Answer – Many changes occur in an individual’s life as they grow up, such as deciding which career they want to pursue, with whom to get married, or where to settle in future. These changes are most common and important in anyone’s life.

Question 6:- Is it important for people to make changes according to their surroundings?

Answer – Yes, if one wants to stay happy and safe, he/she should definitely adapt to their surroundings. For example, if one is moving to a new city such as Delhi, she has to be more cautious about her safety, unlike her old surrounding, which was safer.

Question 7:- Is negative change always bad?

Answer – No, sometimes negative change guides us to the right path, which we don’t appreciate initially because we are upset because of it, but in the long run, we can see the benefits of it. For instance, if one works in a transferable job, it is difficult to adjust to the new environment every time. However, after a few transfers, I think that person becomes smarter and learns to stay happy unrelated to the situation.

Question 8:- In which age group our personality changes the most?

Answer – In the twenties, when people struggle with their career and personal life, they get many new experiences that affect their personalities.

Question 9:- How constant learning brings positivity to our lives?

Answer – Constant learning helps us to expand our horizons, and with learning, we get to know new things which can be useful in future.

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