Talk About a Childhood Photograph You Do Not Like

Talk about a childhood photograph you do not like

  • When it was taken?
  • What you are doing in it?
  • Why you do not like it?

Well, photographs are taken to preserve our memories for a long time, and young children are especially curious to get photographed. I have a few albums full of my childhood photographs but the one that I really don’t like is a group photograph taken at school. Since it is the only memory of my primary school, I can’t even think of throwing it away.

However, there are numerous reasons why really don’t like this click at all. I vividly remember I was in grade fourth when this photograph was taken at our school.

The school announced a day prior to coming to school in colored clothes. Unfortunately, I was on leave because of illness, so in this picture, each and every student is beautifully dressed up in their favorite outfits and I was the only one wearing the regular school uniform, which is quite embarrassing.

In addition, just like 10 minutes before the shoot, I had a fight with my friend for some reason, during which we pulled each other hair and one can see my completely messed up hair. This is not all, I’m the only one in this photograph with closed eyes as I blinked at the wrong time. Last but not least, my nose is running as I was suffering from a cold, which makes this photograph extremely disgusting. In fact, everyone makes a lot of fun of me at school which I can’t forget. Overall, it is the one photograph that I really don’t like.

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