Talk About a Country Where You Would Like to Work for a Short Time

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Talk about a country where you would like to work for a short time; You should say

  • Where would you like to work?
  • What kind of job would it be?
  • When would you like to go?
  • Why do you want to work there?

Sample Answer of Talk About a Country Where You Would Like to Work for a Short Time

Well, it would be an excellent opportunity for me if I get to work in a different country for a short period of time, and for this, I will definitely choose Canada.

Actually, I have just completed my 10+2, and I am planning to move to Canada for my higher study. I plan to choose a two-year diploma in hospitality, and during this time, I would like to work. I would prefer to work with big brands in the hospitality industry, for example, 5-star hotels, like Westin, Crowne plaza.

There are quite a few reasons why I work along with my studies. First of all, to manage my expenses, by working, I would be able to earn enough money to manage my payment. So, working here will make me a little independent as well.

In addition, most of the big brands like Westin, holiday inn in the world of hospitality, so I would like to work in these companies so that I can get international exposure and get familiar with the international working atmosphere as well.

There is another reason why I want to work here, and that is to coordinate what I will learn in the classroom with the actual practical experience. So it would be a significant benefit for me, because after completing my study, “if I would be applying for a job, I can get the help.

Last but not least, Canada is a multicultural society, and I would get familiar with people from different parts of the world at my workplace, so it would be an excellent opportunity for me to understand different cultures, their languages, and many other things by interacting with them.

Overall, it would be a fantastic thing for me to work, and after completing this short period of time in Canada, I would come back to my country and get settled here.

follow-ups Talk About a Country Where You Would Like to Work for a Short Time

Question 1. What kinds of jobs are easy to get in a foreign country?

Answer – My cousin, who lives in Canada, tells me that many jobs are easy to get for students studying there. The most common ones are the jobs in restaurants or fast food outlets like McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway, and those in the college campus itself, like jobs in the library, etc.

Question 2. Should young adults work abroad?

Answer – Yes, young adults should work abroad for several reasons, like taking care of their overhead expenses, taking the financial burden off their parents’ shoulders, becoming more independent and responsible, and gaining experience about the work culture, which would help them in their future. It is also an excellent way to learn about that country’s culture, meet new people, and make friends.

Question 3. If they do not work abroad, would it help them travel to a foreign country?

Answer – Yes, travelling is definitely helpful. They would come to know about the culture, meet new people, see new places, and make new connections. However, if they don’t work, they may not be able to afford to travel.

Question 4. Do Indian parents encourage their children to work abroad?

Answer – Yes, Indian parents encourage their children to work abroad. They prepare their children well before they travel abroad, about the situations and hardships they may have to face and the importance of working while studying there to cover their expenses and gain work experience.

Question 5. If you had an opportunity to live abroad, which country would you like to settle down in?

Answer – If I can live abroad, I would like to settle in a developed country, like Canada, Australia, the USA, etc. I have heard from my friends and relatives living abroad that life there is very comfortable, with better facilities and infrastructure. They also tell me that the standard of living is very high there, as compared to India. Also, there are a lot of job opportunities available there.

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