Talk about a Decision Made by Someone But You Disagreed

Talk about a Decision Made by Someone, but You Disagreed

You should say:

  • What was the decision?
  • How was it made?
  • What you disagreed with?
  • And explain why you disagreed with it?

Sample Answer of Talk about a Decision Made by Someone but You Disagreed

Decision making is essential in almost all the aspects of life, such as choosing a course, a career option, or buying any product. I wouldn’t miss this opportunity to discuss a decision that I denied, and I feel glad that I did. Basically, when I was trying to figure out which laptop I should buy, my husband first decided to opt for the Macbook as he is a gadget freak and loves Apple products. He took this decision after a lengthy conversation that lasted for almost more than 6 hours. I initially felt that it was an excellent choice after looking at how beautiful, sleek, and charming the Mac is. After he placed the order in Amazon while digging out further, I realized that MacBook wouldn’t be a great choice for coding and development, and it’s apt for business persons only.

Moreover, to confirm, I have done rigorous research by asking a few of my acquaintances and decided not to go with it. The reason for denying my husband decided that with iOS, it’s hard to install any software related to programming languages, and as a developer, it doesn’t suit me. So when I shared my view with my husband and the reason for not going with MacBook, he too became sceptical yet took stern action and cancelled the order immediately. If I had mac now, I would not do the coding that smoothly, and it would have created a mess with my current education. So I always suggest my friends think twice and take decisions deliberately, especially while buying expensive products.

Follow-ups Talk about a Decision Made by Someone, but You Disagreed

Question 1:- What skills are necessary when making decisions?

Answer – I suppose the skills required to make a decision depends on what kind of decision we take. For example, a student in a bewildering situation of choosing a major would need some research skills and figure out what is suitable as per her interest. And a person deciding to sell out an old car must be smart in maths and calculations to estimate the profit and loss.

Question 2:- How do you think computers will change the way people make decisions?

Answer – Before computers, people used to take advice from their peers and admirers to decide on something. Still, nowadays, since everything became easier with the internet and the computer in hand, people are just browsing and researching online to decide something.

Question 3:- How can people improve their decision-making skills?

Answer – I think people should have a broader understanding of the outcome of their decision, like whether it will be beneficial for them or deteriorate their existing things. So this kind of analysis and estimation while choosing something really helps. For instance, I bought a Lenovo 14th generation laptop instead of MacBook, which helped me install some android applications, which would not have been possible if I bought a mac.

Question 4:- Do parents in India allow their children to make important decisions about the future?

Answer – Nowadays, Most parents in India are allowing their offspring to follow their dreams and leaving decisions to children. Nevertheless, they advise what would be correct and what wouldn’t be as per their experiences but trying to adopt the modern culture and leave their kids to make self-decisions so that they would be independent and stronger.

Question 5:- Do you think that parents should make important decisions for their children?

Answer – I think parents have full rights to make decisions, especially when their children are under the age of 10, because this is not a mature stage for a child to decide on something. However, some life partner or university education decisions can be left to their children, and parents must not force children to follow their decisions or interests.

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