Talk About a Famous Person That You Are Interested in

Talk about a famous person that you are interested in

  • Who this person is,
  • How do you know about this person,
  • What sort of life they had before they became famous,
  • How this person became famous,
  • Why do you like this person

Sample Answer of Talk About a Famous Person That You Are Interested in

To be honest, I have no one else but Jesus Christ, the son of the Highest God. He isn’t just a famous person but the saviour of the world, for He came to die on the cross for sins in order that we might have life eternal. I got to know about Jesus Christ when I was very young and through the study of the word of God. He was a man who lived all of His in holiness without any blemish. He was kind, faithful, honest, trustworthy, and many other of his qualities that words can’t express. He died and rose again and sat at the right hand of God the father. He promised us life eternal, and l like Him for who He is the one true Son of God, and He deserve all the glory and honour. Praise to His holy name, the lamb of God and the Prince of Peace.

Follow-ups of Talk About a Famous Person That You Are Interested in

Question 1:- What are the advantages of being famous?

Answer:- You get the opportunity to be allowed to certain events and venues to which a common layman wouldn’t be granted access. Most often, you get messages in your dm, prioritized in queues, gets ambassadorial endorsement, hyped for every action or move made, and of course, they serve as the voices of the nation.

Question 2:- What are the disadvantages of being famous?

Answer:- Apparently, you do not live to your best as you would if you had been a layman. This has to do with your speech, attitude and grooming styles which are scanned closely for critique. You need to expect negative comments on most of your lifestyle habits as people will always have something to say.

Question 3:- Should famous personalities have a personal life?

Answer:- I believe they deserve to have a personal life as we all are humans, and there is a difference when someone is acting on the set and the individual being in the home. There should be a clear boundary set, and fans were respecting the personal lives of their celebrities.

Question 4:- Which qualities should a famous person have?

Answer:- They should be individuals with a strong charisma willing to serve and make full use of their given talent for positive impartation. To keep in sunder, not showing off but homely and kind-hearted and willing to look for help when the need arises. To sum up, they should be ready to learn and be abreast with current knowledge in their specific areas of work.

Question 5:- Why does the young generation copy them?

Answer:- They do so because most young people see them be their role models whom they are learning to be like in the next years to come, but quite a number copy them blindly when their role models falter or are in the limelight of negative steps. All has to do with pressure and the urge to be like irrespective of the price they pay for.

Question 6:- Why is it important to have role models?

Answer:- It’s a vital role as the scope of mentor and mentee phenomenon plays a role. Most get to see the trial and problems overcome by these role models, thus inspiring them to hold on to the fight that life will throw at them. And with an individual being able to succeed To be successful serve as an inspiration or motivation for youngsters not to give up. As a mentor of mine once said, true courage is pursuing your dreams when everyone says it’s impossible, and with a will, one can do anything, as said by Samuel Smiles.

Question 7:- Who were the famous people 50 years ago and who will be famous in the next 50 years?

Answer:- Famous people 50 years ago were those who were able to make an impact, positively contributed to the area of their work and serving the house without not giving up but giving all their all just to push through to change a life leaving their footprint in the hall of fame and those in the future are the once who will continue with the good works of those who laid the foundation and challenging themselves to work harder not for profit but the total welfare of their country and putting their state and work on the map.

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