Talk about a Fish Market In Your Area

Talk about a Fish Market In Your Area or Talk about a fish market you visited

  • When it was?
  • Where you were?
  • What do you buy?
  • How do you feel about it?

Well, I am a vegetarian by choice, and I never had to visit any fish market. But lately, it was my cousin’s wedding, and I visited a fish market in my city with my uncle as he had to place a bulk order. This market is undoubtedly famous as a fish market because the only thing you can smell here is fish. However, all other red and white meat types are also available here.

Although I do not consume fish, I was curious about the different varieties. There were hundreds of hawkers yelling to attract the buyers. We ended up at a big shop where dozens of boxes were full of fish. My uncle told me that there are mainly two types of fish: fresh water and saltwater, but people prefer freshwater. He also told me the names of some popular fish types such as Sole, pomfret, Salmon and Tuna. He placed an order with the shopkeeper for the party, and then we moved to a different shop to order seafood such as oysters, prawns and lobsters.

Honestly speaking, it was too hard for me to bear the stink. My uncle told me it comes under exotic seafood, that’s why it costs so high. Some of the guests were coming from abroad to attend the wedding, and for them, he had to arrange this food too, though he didn’t like it, especially lobsters that looked so scary. Finally, it was time to place an order for Red and white meat, for which we again moved to a different shop and there he showed me the chicken and Goat meat. It was not easy for me to be there seeing the butchers cutting the animals, and I was grateful to God that I was out of the market once all done.

On the way back home, my uncle told me that meat has always been an essential part of the human diet for its nutrients and recommended I turn non-vegetarian. However, after paying a visit to this place, I don’t think I will ever be able to do so.

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