Talk about a Lazy Person You Know

Talk about a Lazy Person You know-

  • Who the person is
  • How well you know him
  • What makes this person lazy
  • What should he do to improve

Sample Answer of Talk about a Lazy Person You Know

I want to tell you about a lazy person I know for the last couple of years, this is one of my friends, and I know since he was very indolent in our school time and once he sat on the chair then after cannot stand for a long time. I remember one incident when in college time, our professor told him to get back the pen fall on the floor, and he is standing over there. Still, he doesn’t take the pen, and the professor takes that pen and gets very angry with him, but a few months ago, he started to change his habits and joined the motivational class and health-conscious program, and finally, he got success.

 Follow-ups Talk about a Lazy Person You Know

Question.1. How can a lazy person make money?

Answer – Well, in my opinion, he can get the money his knowledge, and I heard that most of the lazy people find a smart way to increase their finances, like, the masters in software, so they create their profile online and get money.

Question.2. How to motivate lazy people?

Answer – Well, lazy people gave some positivity like, how to do smart work instead of hard work because sometimes we do hard work but not to do smart work.

Question.3 According to you, what characteristics define a lazy person?

Answer – According to me, I define to one is he gave full of excuses and sometimes give full of unrealistic dreams. Moreover, he can not start in the morning.

Question.4 According to you, can a lazy person be successful?

Answer – yes, of course, because I know some of the lazy people who get success in their life, he is one of my friends nowadays he is a doctor and specializes in gynaecology.

Question.5 Do you think a lazy person to do a difficult job

Answer – well, not sure, but sometimes they can do difficult jobs like, whenever we are stuck in a critical situation, he helps to solve them in their knowledge.

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