You Feel the Evening Programs on a Local Television Station Are Uninteresting

You feel the evening programs on a local television station are uninteresting. Write a letter to the manager of the television station. In your letter

explain why you do not like the current programs
describe what kind of programs you would like to see instead
explain why these programs would be better

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing this letter regarding the dissatisfaction with evening programs telecasted on your channel in recent days. Some of the shows do not touch certain qualities; moreover, these shows do not deliver messages to society. As a local channel, you had plenty of news and other shows to telecast for these times. Your channel competing with other channels to reach for the front row on the TRP rating is our intention.

As channel subscribers, we are expecting that shows had some messages to society and are easily understandable. Peek time shows must be informative with their diversity, both adults and youngsters, rather than sponsored serials. You can include programs like discussions, interviews, news and much more. For example- History Channel and Nat Geo telecast informative shows on prime time.

This is the time in which all family members gathered in front of the television in most of the homes. They can discuss the contents of the programs, and that is the better time to discuss this. Apart from this, you can telecast any educational events and business-related events.

I hope you will consider my kind request and expecting adequate action.

Yours faithfully,

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