Talk About a Leisure Activity Near or In the Sea that You Want to Try

Talk about a leisure activity near or in the sea that you want to try.

  • What activity it is,
  • How you should prepare for the activity,
  • Why do you want to try it

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Being an adventurous person in life, I have done a lot of activities for rejuvenating my mind. Here I would like to describe a leisure activity which I had done near the sea or in the sea. Last to last month, I went to go with my family members. I really enjoyed it is a lot and spent my precious time with my family.

I went there in order to relieve my stress and monotony as I am working, so it’s sophisticated for me to relieve strain, so that was the best option for me. Well, I have also participated in various recreational and adventurous activities there like scuba diving, swimming and river rafting. But really, these amazing games which I had players over there were amazing.

I didn’t feel daunted as I have sufficient experience of these three, so never hesitate to take part in. Apart from that, I have taken my swimmer kit along with me, and I have also tried swimming with the water flow, followed by a scrumptious breakfast. A full-fledged breakfast with my family members is a relaxing feeling indeed.

Again if I will get any chance to go and visit an adventurous place, I will definitely go. Altogether, I must say that it was an indelible excursion for me which not only relaxed my mind, but also it was an unforgotten memory for me.

Follow-ups of The Diagrams Below Show Changes That Have Taken Place in the Sawry District

Question 1. What kind of people like rest near the sea?

Those people who want to take a rest near the sea who are getting bored from the monotony life and want to feel rejuvenated and get away from the mundane routine.

Question 2. What kinds of people rely on the sea?

Those people always rely on the seas who take the collect the food because they have the primary source. Apart from it, fish. Meats are a rich source of vitamins and proteins.

Question 3. What other activities can people do in and near the sea?

They can do river rafting, scuba diving, swimming, and other adventurous activity in order to regain energy and relief from monotony and stress.

Question 4. What is the difference between young and older adults’ activities near or in the sea?

Today’s generation is always dependent on new activities near the sea like some prefer to do sunbath, swimming, rafting under the sea but the older generation is not interested in taking part in such activities as they are scarring a lot.

Question 5. Do older adults enjoy spending time near the sea?

No, I think because they have always indulged in education, walking, personal care and travelling. They are really scared to visit near the sea.

Question 6. Is it popular to go to the seaside in your country?

Well, there are various places in my country to go to the seaside but many places like goa, Dubai is more popular for it.

Question 7. What are the advantages and disadvantages of spending time near the sea?

Daily exercise is important for fighting obesity, improving heart health, and reducing cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Living close to the ocean encourages people to get out and enjoy the salt air and sunshine, staying active and providing health benefits while there are many cons like unpredictable weather always spoils an entire day near the sea and sometimes seaside dwellers or commuters always find a hotel at an expensive price.

Question 8. Do you think that human activities are posing a threat to the oceans of the world?

Yes, it depends upon person to person. If they fear a lot and have no previous experience of doing any activity near or inside the sea, then they should be strictly prohibited to enter or engaging in it. Sometimes they lose their feet and tumble down so I will strongly urge those who haven’t received any training not to entail in such activities.

Question 9. Do you think it’s important for children to learn how to swim?

Yes, it is mandatory to give the training to children how to get enrolled in swimming and how to swim. It’s not merely the responsibility of parents and instructors should also responsible for giving the training to them.

Question 10. Do you think that it is important to learn about the oceans and why?

Yes, obviously, the air we breathe. The ocean produces over half of the world’s oxygen and absorbs 50 times more carbon dioxide than our atmosphere. Climate regulation: Covering 70 per cent of the Earth’s surface, the ocean transports heat from the equator to the poles, regulating our climate and weather patterns

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