You Need a Book and You Can’t Find It in The Library

You need a book and you can’t find it in the library. Write a letter to a bookshop manager. In your letter, you should:

  •  describe the book
  • say why need it?
  • say how you will pay for it?

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am thrilled to let you know that I didn’t find a book on pharmacology in my library. Later I found this book in some different places. I am super excited that I found this book which will definitely make my future bright.

Let me inform you that I am a medical student as I didn’t find a pharmacology book in the library, but I really wanted that book. In this book, there is a description of various medicines along with aetiology; pathophysiology has also been described in a comprehensive manner. Apart from it, my exams are also coming, so I have to prepare the entire syllabus for my exams as well. As I am living in an environment of oddity poverty, I am not able to search out many bookstores here.

Suffice to say that, earlier, my background was non-medical, so it is a bit sophisticated for me to further study in the domain of medicine without this book. I seriously did prestigious hard work to find this book in my library, but unfortunately, I was unable to find it anywhere, and then I went to Ludhiana to purchase this book. Fortunately, I found this from one of the bookstores. Now I can successfully give my exams. I have paid for this through a debit card. Cash is also accepted there, but I always prefer to give money through an online system which is the best option to keep the money safe. I am very thankful to the manager of the book store.

I solicit your cooperation.

Yours faithfully,

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