Talk About a Long Car Journey You Went On

Talk about a long car journey you went on

  • Where you went.
  • What you did at this place.
  • Who you went therewith.
  • And Explain why you went on that journey by car.

Talk About a Long Car Journey You Went On

Well, the journey by car is really entertaining and convenient. People feel more comfortable by using their own vehicles. It similarly happened to me. I had taken time -off. So I thought to utilise it effectively. I had a longing to meet my grandparents. So, I decided to set out from Chandigarh for Manali with my parents to meet my grandparents.

We were delighted on that day because the journey was via our car. So it was very convenient for all of us to halt our itinerary on the way. We entertained ourselves by seeing beautiful objects, and it was a fabulous day. As we were going, I had many things in my mind to do at my paternal home. We clicked so many photos on the way, and we also sojourned on the way to eat something.

The food was palatable, and the taste is still on my tongue. I prefer the most private mode of transport because it takes less time to reach our destination. Besides, I enjoy it because journey via car saves the people from extreme weather. In coo weather, there is a heater to create warmness. While in a hot climate, people can enjoy cold air from the air conditioner. So it is more enjoyable if it is arranged via one’s own car.

Follow-ups Talk About a Long Car Journey You Went On.

Question 1 what will cars be like in the future?

Answer – In the future, cars will be more automatic. Moreover, there will be more electric cars because now there is more carbon emission, so there is the possibility of computer-driven vehicles in the future.

Question 2 What’s the difference between men’s and women’s preferences for cars?

Answer – There is a great difference between the choice of both genders. Males want fully automatic and luxurious cars; whereas, women don’t like technology more. They prefer cars with basic functions for going to grocery shops as well as from home to their workplace.

Question 3 What are the differences between bicycles and private cars?

Answer – Bicycles are environment friendly, have no carbon emissions, and make people more fitter. At the same time, cars have a lot of carbon emissions and occupy a lot of space. These create a lot of pollution as well as make the place congested. Bicycles don’t occupy more space.

Question 4 Why do people like to have private cars?

Answer – People like to have private cars because of their comfort and making their journey convenient. It takes less time if they travel via their car. Besides, they can halt their journey on the way and enjoy nature.

Question 5 Is it a good thing that everyone has their own cars?

Answer – It seems convenient if they have cars; but, on the other hand, having a car with every individual means more carbon emission on this planet, and then there will be more congestion. Pollution will increase, and it will make it hard to live on this planet. They will suffer from various diseases such as cardiovascular disease, respiratory and skin allergies.

Question 6 How to buy private cars in India?

Answer – Well, people can buy cars by making payments in cash, and sometimes, they can take a loan and pay the amount in instalments. Moreover, they can get the latest brands with the help of the internet as well as newspaper.

Question 7 Do many families own private cars in India?

Answer – Well many families buy their own car because they can make their journey comfortable and every person has their different view. Some individuals are students, so they like to have their own car. Entrepreneurs need to go to their offices, so they need a car. Therefore, different people have different affairs to do. So having a car is the necessity of all.

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