People in developed countries tend to buy more and more

People in developed countries tend to buy more and more things whether they need them or not. Is it a positive or negative development?

In the contemporary era, there is an upsurge trend in spending patterns. Owing to this fact, many people residing in advanced countries splurge on purchasing unnecessary items. Undeniably, such a step has given rise to many problems. This essay will shed light on multiple factors that lead towards a negative trend.

With the advancement of technology nowadays, people have started buying many nonessentials, which have greatly impacted the family’s income. As fashion keeps on changing so frequently that customers indulge themselves in buying more and more without thinking. It has now become more of show business of richer countries. For instance, Amazon announces monthly discounts, which fetches the buyer’s attention, and they tend to spend extravagantly on materialistic items. Moreover, there is high wastage of resources and an increase in redundant things because of such impulsive buying habits. Thus, one must have a control mechanism and a standard budget for spending.

To continue, more and more consumerism has a devastating impact on the environment since more production has led to rising in harmful emissions and exhaust fumes. To exemplify, in manufacturing sites, the emission of gas impacts the ecology and has a detrimental impact on people’s health. Furthermore, the prices are inflated when the demand is at its peak, which can impact the nation’s overall economic growth. Hence, a mindful approach is required to keep the situation under control.

To conclude, with changing times and preferences people need not spend money on useless items. In fact, people must explore various methods to invest the money to generate additional income for themselves.

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