Talk About a Piece of Clothes that You Wore on A Formal Occasion

Talk about a piece of clothes that you wore on a formal occasion

  • What it looked like,
  • What occasion you wore it at,
  • Why you would wear it,
  • How you feel about it

Sample Answer of Talk About a Piece of Clothes that You Wore on A Formal Occasion

I usually like to wear traditional clothes on formal occasions because it helps me to be part of the focus. It looks like a yellow shirt and green skirt with a long dupatta having beautiful embroidery on it with stones and pearls of matching colour.

I wore it on the marriage of one of my closest friends. I wear this specific dress as it suits me a lot and whenever I wear this dress I usually get a lot of compliments. Apart from it, this colour combination suits me a lot and generally people like this type of dress.

I feel so elated and confident about this particular dress.

Sample Answer 2

It’s hard to pick just one piece of clothing that I wore when it was formal. My best pick would have to be when I wore this dress to a wedding when I was in the military. It was really nice to have a break from wearing all my uniform, especially since it can be uncomfortable in hot weather.

The dress had long sleeves, and it was white with lace at the bottom. It wasn’t too formal like some dresses, but I liked that I could wear this dress to any event, not just weddings. The one downside is that you need to continuously find ways to keep the dress fresh because you can’t get stains out of it like you can with other clothes.

I only wore this dress once, but it was a nice day where I could enjoy myself. The wedding itself was boring, but the food that they had there made up for it! I got to meet a lot of new people, which is always fun. All in all, the day was nice and relaxing since I wasn’t very busy at work that day.

I did end up wearing different shoes to the wedding since I didn’t want to get dirty by walking outside in my formal shoes. They were comfortable but not very durable, which meant that they got trashed pretty quickly after I used them for this event.

That’s about it! Overall it was an okay dress, but it didn’t last too long since it was hard to get rid of stains.

Follow-ups of Talk About a Piece of Clothes that You Wore on A Formal Occasion

Question 1:- What kinds of clothes do people wear after work?

Answer:- People generally wear relaxed clothes once they get free from their offices.

Question 2:- What kinds of clothes should people wear at work?

Answer:- People should wear formal clothes at work because this makes them more sincere towards their work.

Question 3:- Do you think it is necessary for children to wear school uniforms?

Answer:- Yes, school uniforms bring equality among the children.

Question 4:- Where do people in your country buy clothes?

Answer:- People buy clothes from malls and normal markets in my country.

Question 5:- When do people wear formal clothes?

Answer:- People wear formal clothes to look more professional and sincere towards their work.

Question 6:- Will the way we dress influence the way we behave?

Answer:- Yes, it can be easily seen the dress influence the way we behave.

Question 7:- Do you think people need to wear formally in the workplace? Why do some people like to wear traditional clothes?

Answer:- Yes, people should wear formal dresses at the workplace because they feel more active and confident.

Question 8:- Why do some people like to wear traditional clothes?

Answer:- Traditional clothes are the spirit of our culture. People wear traditional clothes to be part of the culture.

Question 9:- Will traditional clothes disappear in the future? Do old people change their style of dressing?

Answer:- No, I don’t think so because traditional clothes are an indispensable part of our lives. No old people are rigid to their dressing style, and they merely like such type of changes.

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