Talk About an Exciting or Interesting Book You Read

Talk about an exciting or interesting book you read

  • What the book is
  • what it is about,
  • why you read it,
  • Why do you find it exciting

Sample Answer of Talk About an Exciting or Interesting Book You Read

I like to read books, and I believe it’s the best way to get insights as well as improve language, even my mates call me a “book warm person”. I read a host of books, and the majority of them are novels, but today I would like to talk about an interesting book which later became one of my favourites. It’s “eat that fog”. This book is about how to manage time.

When I was a sophomore student, I decided to do a part-time job so I could help my family financially. At that time, one of the biggest predicaments was time management for me, and it became a serious headache after starting my job. I shared this tribulation with one of my cut the same cloth buddy keyur, and he suggested I read this book.

I purchased this book from the Amazon site, and it didn’t cost an arm and a leg for me. The price was 700 rupees at that time. Book contain 35 lessons and some para lessons too. I read this book within a week, and as my bosom friend told me, it will help, it useful for me.

I think managing our time is not only mine but a plethora of people’s problems from around the world. The best thing I like is that in this book, examples are realistic, which stimulate me to read this book. Generally, I took a month or more time to read the normal size of the book, but because of interesting content, I did earlier.

This book also aids me in the IELTS exam; we all know that this exam is all about managing time.

That was a book that I read, and it was a fascinating book.  

Follow-ups of Talk About an Exciting or Interesting Book You Read

Question 1:- Do people in your country like to read books?

Answer:- Yes, Indian love to read books; not only do golden-ager and children read the book, but others also do this. The majority of children read academic books and stories books whereas adults prefer according to own taste like a novel, biography. Nowadays, people can read books digitally, and it’s free of cost. 

Question 2:- Do you think reading is important?

Answer:- Definitely yes, reading is useful in many ways. Firstly, it improves the knowledge of a person, forgetting wisdom reading is the best way. Secondly, it’s also improve understanding and level of language. For example, when someone starts to learn a language, the best way to learn faster is by reading something in this language.

Question 3:- What kinds of books are most popular in your country?

Answer:- Well, India is a diverse country, and its population is over a billion; thus, it’s hard to say it. However, men like to read sports and technological kinds of the book while women fashion related. Moreover, Indians also like to read entertaining types of books such as comics and a book that teaches a life lesson.

Question 4:- Do you think electronic books will eventually replace paper books?

Answer:- Digital books have become popular in this digital era, but still, I think they cannot replace with paper books. For accessing electronic book person should have to insights of websites like open a tab or manage or switch it, internet connection is also required and in this world still there is a number of people who don’t have own phone or computer. For instance, in developing countries, citizens like to read physical books despite knowing the advantages of digital books.

Question 5:- Some people like to collect books. Why do you think they do this?

Answer:- There are various reasons behind it. The primary one is that personal interest, like collecting post stamps, host of people love to the collection of book. They also put it in a bookcase. Secondly, “no best friend than books” so, some like to collect books and whenever to get time like to read it rather than doing other activities like watching TV.  

Question 6:- Is compulsory reading (in school) is a good idea?

Answer:- In my point of view, it isn’t good advancement to read something mandatory. In case if educational institutions impose these rules, then it could lead to diverse effects on children minds. Reading or not is upon a person no one can force. 

Question 7:- What books do children read, and what do adults read?

Answer:- I think children love to read the story and comic books, especially those which comes with a portrait, for example, a book which not only tells a story but also has some drawing with it so, children feel it is more realistic same as watching a movie. Additionally, adults like to sports and own an interesting field book, as I said earlier.

Question 8:- Why do men and women prefer different books?

Answer:- It’s the same as different age group preference differs. They are owing to fashion and other interests women like to read about it while men like to according to own hobby.

Question 9:- What type of books do children read nowadays?

Answer:- Children read the same types of books as they were tended to read in the past and, as mentioned before, comics.

Question 10:- Can storybooks be an ideal gift for children?

Answer:- Its best presence, it also improves interest in study to children, its seen that when they start to go a school, they don’t like to read and do homework. Moreover, it also aids to understand language batter, most importantly it does not spoil children as chocolates and toys do thus, best gift.

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