Talk About a Recent Celebration That You Were Invited to.

Talk about a recent celebration that you were invited to. Please say
– What were you celebrating?
– Who did you celebrate it with?
– Why did you celebrate it?

Sample Answer :

Talk about a recent celebration that you were invited to

What were you celebrating?

It’s tough to escape from a hectic schedule and pandemic situation like the present, but last week I did attend a birthday party for my cousin, who lives in a different city. However, I wasn’t aware of his birthday, but my mother reminded me to greet him and visit him for an invitation.

Who did you celebrate it with?

Anyway, the birthday party took place at the residence of his own house that he lives in a rather large house like a mansion. I think that there were about 30-45 people altogether, who attended the birthday party, and all of them were enjoying their time in an amiable atmosphere while enjoying some snacks and soft drinks also at the same time. Finally, the time for the cake cutting ceremony arrived, and we all sang the “happy birthday” song to wish a pleased and long life for my friend.

Why did you celebrate it?

After spending about a couple of happy and fun hours at the party, we ended it on a good note with a light dinner meal to satisfy our appetite. Besides, at the party, I felt free to laugh to my heart’s content and crack jokes with my family member after a long time. All in all, it was a great birthday celebration which made everybody happy.

Part 3 (Discussion)

– Let’s talk about convocations.

– What are the main reasons for them?

It’s been the most awaited thing in a student’s life as we all get together for only one major reason to earn knowledge and a degree. So it is the most precious moment for college students who will leave their college and start a new adventure from that day.

– Did you take part in any graduations?

I never got a chance as I was busy with my other work, so I didn’t even aware of when and where it happened. I might consider myself an unfortunate person.

How is the naming ceremony celebrated?

On a serious note, I never get the chance to attain it when I reached my maturity level. Before that, I was managed by a guardian so that they might have taken me with them, but I wasn’t aware of such a ceremony. Besides that, I must say this might be the most awaited ritual for new parents.

– Explain about church marriages in your country.

A church marriage is part of christening society. Those people have enjoyed immunity where two people become one and start their new life with the blessing of their respected god; those people have enjoyed it. It’s really fascinating ceremony for individuals. People really like to participate in such a ritual that takes place in the presence of almighty God.

this is the end of the cue card: Talk About a Recent Celebration That You Were Invited to.

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