Talk about a Short Journey that You Often Take but Do Not like

Talk about a short Journey that you often take but do not like

  • where you go
  • when you go there
  • why you go there
  • and explain why you do not like this trip

Sample Answer of Talk about a Short Journey that You Often Take but Do Not like

well, there are many situations in my life when I found my journey very unpleasant and terrible. Still, here I would like to talk about a short journey that recently I have daily, and that is really ridiculous for me after completing my education recently I joined a private school that is BSCP school which is just 15 km away from my hometown most of the time even app on an everyday basis I take the bus to reach the school and the travel time in the bus is the most difficult time for me even sometimes. I thought this is the time which is very difficult for me to cover up it took approximately 15 minutes for me to reach the destination actually this travel is difficult for me because of some reasons like first of all from my hometown from where I mounted on the bus mount on the bus at that time there are many other passengers who also over there for the same bus. Moreover, that bus is all already filled with many other passengers, mostly students and job seekers and when I travel in that bus most of the time during the summer. it is challenging to survive because of bad body orders the smell of body of everyone and the sweat Is completely unbearable, so in this way, I found it difficult even to smell in that bus another thing is the crowd I feel horrible while in a while travelling in crowds specially and most of the time some people mounted on me and pressed my foot and sometimes even and tidy my clothes so in this way I found it very ridiculous being in that crowd so this is the only travel recently I have that mean that made me very irritating at the early morning and I don’t have any other means to go over there, and now I am planning to buy my own bike so that I could avoid all such problems

Follow-ups Talk about a Short Journey that You Often Take but Do Not like

Question 1. Do Indian people like to travel abroad?

Answer – I believe most of the Indian people like to travel domestically as well as overseas Because for many reasons, first of all, I think travel helps to increase the horizon of knowledge as well as it also helps to refresh the mind and as much I know most of the youngsters like to travel abroad for their studies whereas and. In contrast, other people like to travel just for re-creation and enjoyment purposes.

Question 2. How much time do you think people should spend on a trip abroad?

Answer – On an average basis I can see people travel abroad basically for one month because more than this would cost much higher, as well as the expenditure in foreign currency, is also unbearable for them, so I believe on an average basis, it must be one month

Question 3. Who prefers travelling abroad, the young or the old?

Answer – See for travelling purpose or enjoyment purpose there is no each barrier like both older as well as younger people like to travel most, but basically the choice is different like most young people like to travel just for their education purpose or for some business purpose whereas older people go to meet their siblings and their children’s or for just re-creation and enjoyment purpose

Question 4. Which is better for knowing more about a country travelling or reading books about it?

Answer – See both these aspects have their own pros and cons, but I believe travelling is the best way to know about other countries since by travelling we can have fresh experience we can have fresh knowledge of that cons that country their religion their culture and their traditions but the book is also a good source even the economic one like we can have agreed knowledge of many other countries without even stepping out of our room so in this way book is also very preferable for and by many youngsters who cannot afford huge expenses indulge in travelling

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