Talk about a Skill You Can Teach Other People

Talk about a Skill You Can Teach Other People

You should say
What is it?
How did you learn it?
How can you teach others this skill?
And, How do you feel about this skill?

If you ask me, I am good at cooking if possible, I will teach my cooking skills to others based on their interest especially regional food. Being a foodie, I would like to taste all varieties of foods possible.

From my mother, I learned these culinary skills. She is my first teacher. After that on YouTube, I found a lot of channels that helped me to learn different kinds of varieties and recipes.

I will create a Youtube channel and I will make videos of different kinds of recipes and share those videos based on others interests. Online is a better option as per the present situation.

I feel this is a big asset in my life if you stay outside from your home due to some reasons like job and studies you can prepare your own food instead of ordering food from outside. I feel I can generate some revenue by taking this as a part-time profession.

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Question1. Should Teachers Be Funny When They Teach Students?

Answer – I feel Teachers should not be funny, The way they teach should be funny and an entertaining explanation has to create a lot of interest in students. Pedagogy is the best way of teaching.

Question2. What Qualities Should an Ideal Teacher Have?

Answer – A pedagogue Should be Confident and should have abilities to arrest students in his lecture or class. He should possess good knowledge of the topic and has to explore the new things on the topic to meet the current generations and situations.

Question3. Do You Think Are Most Important Academic Skills or Practical Skills?

Answer – Both Academic and Practical Skills are important what we learned in academics we need to apply those in Practical or real scenarios. So, both are important in their own ways.

Question4. What Is The Best Age For You To Start Learning Something?

Answer – I personally Feel age is no limit to learn any skill in this world if you have a desire to learn. Actually based on the situations and circumstances we learn a lot. You have to be ready to learn anything at any time in this Competitive world.

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