Talk About a Sportsman Who Did Well at An Event

Talk about a sportsman who did well at an event

  • Who the sportsman was,
  • What he did,
  • What kind a sports

Sample Answer of Talk About a Sportsman Who Did Well at An Event

We all know that recently Tokyo Olympics has been completed. There is a number of new athletes who have made their name during this game. But if we talk about the name which is in more discussion, then that is Niraj chooda, because he is the first Indian athlete to bring a gold medal during this event.

I didn’t watch the live game, but when I saw his name in the newspaper and TV channels at that time, I came to know about him. After that, I tried to know about this family background and past history. His unique personality and style attract me more.

If we talk about his achievements, then during Tokio Olympic 2021, he became famous by the title of GOLDEN BOY., and he started their career in 2011 in jawline throwing.

Follow-ups of Talk About a Sportsman Who Did Well at An Event

Question 1:- Do teenagers like exercising in your country?

Answer:- Yes, nowadays in India, exercising has become one passion for most Individuals. Everyone wants to be in good shape, but there are also lazy people as well.

Question 2:- Do you think physical education is necessary? Why?

Answer:- Yes, I always prefer to study face to face because there are several benefits behinds it firstly communication is very effective and clear. secondly, anybody can immediately ask any doubt to the teacher. that way prefers to learn physically

Question 3:- How do you think physical education classes affect children’s development?

Answer:- As I told you earlier that there are several benefits of physical education. But if we want to talk about specific children development, then the children are the straight follower of whatever they see in front of them. Physical education can teach them the basic sense like good behaviour etc.

Question 4:- What kind of exercises do Indian people like?

Answer:- It depends upon an individual, and all are doing exercises as per their own interest like youngsters like to do exercise which makes macular body shape whereas older people chose jogging running etc.

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