Talk about a Tall Building in Your Hometown You like or Dislike

Talk about a tall building in your hometown you like or dislike

  • Where it is
  • What it is used for
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Sample Answer of Talk about a Tall Building in Your Hometown You like or Dislike

well, there are not many tall buildings in my hometown, but there is a newly inaugurated building which I love the most is none other than an international library. I clearly remember 2014, and I was studying at GHE Khalsa College Sudhar, a very famous college in my hometown. I remember that time a proposal for the new international library was proposed at the college. The college started constructing the building from that day till last year. The construction took place, and it was completed just six months ago. I believe it is the tallest building in my locality as a library as an international library it is mostly used for preserving many books most of the time I like to visit this library because of its unique features such as at this library we can access any book even national or international one even in many different languages.

I remember last time I I had I borrowed a book from that library which was in Spanish and that book taught how to learn Spanish words so I borrowed that and came to know about other books which are based in which are written in other international languages also another factor is computer facility like it is providing computer facility with internet internet one for the students specially and last but not least the atmosphere at this library is very tranquil and serene one even we can we can have such silence like a pin drop one even we can heard voice of dropping a pin on the floor in this way I love this library and last one more factor is it is free of cost for everyone Any member from the college as well as from the public and access to this law library and avail all such facilities without paying a single penny Look wise it is cylindrical in shape which is having eight apartments every apartment is having distinctive books which are mostly and available in markets and another thing.

The infrastructure available in liability a library is far beyond the imagination and the interior look as well as exterior look is splendid really I remember last weekend I was there and preparing for my aside an assignment which was very important at my home there was a rush of guests, so I decided to vent over there, and with the help of the modern eats and books available over there I was able to complete my assignment within an hour that’s why I love this place I love this tall building and even most of my leisure time I spend over there.

Sample 2 Talk about a Tall Building in Your Hometown You like or Dislike

Well, I must tell you that Ahmedabad as a city has groomed a lot in the previous decade and now we are able to see a lot of skyscrapers and high rise buildings in every area of the city so today I’m going to talk about a particular building whose name is model heights. It is in the centre of the city model heights is basically used by the corporates to establish their offices I’m lucky enough to have my office in the same building, so the speciality about this building is the curve shape it has secondly the building is the highest building in that area which makes it more special if. I talk about inside the building, then hygiene and sanitation are done every two hours because of this covid 19 pandemic. It is kept really neat and clean, which is the best work. Hence, I really like to go to office generally people do not like to go to their office whereas I like because the building in which my office is magnificent. I forgot to tell you about the multispeciality hospital it has on the top floor, which can be utilised when there is an emergency. So it is the best part, and none of the buildings in the area has these kinds of facilities another thing about model heights is its newly opened cafeteria which is established on the ground floor. It serves hot beverages like tea and coffee along with local snacks like vada pao and khaman. All the office colleagues have their evening tea so that they can get rid of their stress or anxiety. Hence, I am lucky to have my office in this skyscraper, which is very popular amongst the local and international people.

Follow-ups Talk about a Tall Building in The Hometown You like or Dislike.

Question 1. Compare thе differences bеtwееn thе constructions іn уоur city wіth thеm іn 20 years ago? Describe thе building styles іn details?

Answer 1 – Well as much I can notice there is an abundance of differences between the constructions with modern constructions with that of past one like first of all the architectural structure nowadays the architectural forms of modern buildings are far better than that of the previous one like another thing is the modern facilities available in traditional buildings modern facilities world at stake, or we can see very few modern facilities were there but nowadays every modern building his lavish with every sort of modern amenities such as Wi-Fi service internet service computers Alexa and many more things.

Answer 2-First of all this is a very nice question as a permanent residence of Ahmedabad I have seen this city grooming like anything, so before a decade we were able to see low rise buildings and tenements in which people used to say stay and the trend in 2000 was to have an office in the shopping complex. Still, today the perspective has changed altogether despite the increasing distance people like to stay in the countryside of the city where there are many skyscrapers and high rise buildings and in the heart of the city there are many corporate business parks built where large corporates have their offices.

Question 2. Whаt аrе people’s attitudes tо оld building today аnd thаt оf оur lаtеr generation? Shоuld wе protect them? Why?

Answer 1- nowadays there are a few buildings available which are traditional ones, and many of them are preserved by government as government property, and there are also few charges to visit such kind of traditional buildings today’s people’s outlook for such buildings is somewhat we can see religious or the sentimental one like after watching such sort of traditional weddings people get a sentimental and nostalgic feeling with that, but I believe in future such buildings would definitely get diminish, and the future generation would not only see such kind of buildings but also cannot get the feeling that today’s people have for such buildings

Answer 2-Generation X people always like to keep their heritage and their inherited culture safe and secured so in my city, the same kind of thinking is there with generation ex-people. Still, youth usually do not like these kinds of buildings because they occupy a lot of space and cater to fewer people. They find it unfortunate that more people can be accommodated if the heritage building is reconstructed.

Question3. Whаt role dо уоu thіnk thе оld аnd modern buildings play іn thе society?

Answer 1- both sorts of old and modern buildings have their own rules in a society like traditionally built buildings let us know the traditions of the country such as the old ways how people make their buildings by their own hands with the help of mud and water and would also and it also tell the struggle of a previous life as compare to today’s one and to today’s building modern buildings are reflecting the upgraded technological power of society like nowadays every building is filled with many modern facilities that makes life more convenient, so these are the few differences and from traditional building to today’s building is much better. It plays a prominent role in providing convenient life.

Answer 2-Well residents of the World Heritage city Ahmedabad I can tell you that old buildings always attract tourists from the nook and corner of the world. In contrast, modern buildings can provide accommodation to the plaster quantity of the people in less area and enlarge offices or skyscrapers many corporate can be accommodated with their multispeciality offices.

Question 4. Compare thе differences bеtwееn house аnd apartment.

Answer 1- Possibly there are many differences when we compare house with the apartment first of all as much I noticed most of the apartments are constructed on in the busy areas of the city whereas houses are in the suburbs of the city another thing is apartments near sometimes need to share common places such as parking area playground even garden garage et cetera whereas house have their own parking garages and such kind of facilities and another thing is in apartments we cannot renovate it according to our own preference but houses another one that we can even destroy and again constructed as per our own convenient

Answer 2-This is a brainer in the house you have your private parking. You can also have the garden in the backyard of your house moreover the coins in the house is you have to take care of each and everything of the house. Still, in apartments generally, an elected chairman takes care of all the operations of the society, and the cons of staying in the apartment are there are many parking issues in older buildings. You don’t find allotted parking in these heritage buildings. Still, it is nice to stay in an apartment, in my view—all in all.

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