Talk about a Time when Felt Really Bored

Talk about a time when felt really bored. ( Talk about on Lockdown Due to Covid-19)

You should say

  • When it was?
  • Who were you with?
  • What were you doing?
  • Why you felt bored?

Sample Answer of Talk about a time when felt really bored. ( Talk about on Lockdown Due to Covid-19)

As we already know that this coronavirus pandemic has been running since December 2019, and many governments across the globe are still struggling to come out of this emergency. Well talking about me, I was in Africa in 2020 January. I was there for some business work, business-related work, and I went all alone this time because the trip was only for 3 months. So I was coming back on April the first. Still, unfortunately, the Government of India announced a lockdown in February and at that time, I was really shocked because my flight tickets were booked.

My family was staying bad back there in India. They were all worried about me. I had to extend my stay from 3 months to 6 months 2 in Africa, which was a very boring part of my life to date; it was not like that; I met with quit 19. Still, I stayed in a hotel good hotel in particular, but I was waking up having my breakfast. I was doing my work. I was sleeping. This was the schedule I followed for 3 months that made me really boring I felt that human beings always need some change out of their busy work schedules and the chaotic life of big cities.

So I was very much frustrated because of this situation. Finally, after 3 months in May, the Government of India started mission Vande Bharat, and on the first flight, I board it. I came back to my home, so that was the time when I really felt bored. Yes, we were meeting virtually with friends and families. Still, you always need a human touch along your side to talk with, and I was feeling that I’m living in in a rural area or remote forest, so that was the time when I felt board and if I were given a chance to change my past, I would definitely change this part of my life.

Follow-ups Talk about a Time when Felt Really Bored ( Talk about on Lockdown Due to Covid-19)

Question 1. When do people feel bored?

Answer – More often, people feel bored because of their busy work schedules or mono tonus lifestyle.

Question 2. What kind of jobs are boring?

Answer – I think no type of work is boring, but when humans stop learning or stop innovating, they feel bored, be it their job or home or social life.

Question 3. Do people get bored easily? Why?

Answer – Indeed people get bored very easily if a person is doing some work during his entire week then he will definitely feel bored very easily, so such monotones things and busy work schedules always put a person into boredom that is what I feel

Question 4. Why people do boring jobs?

Answer – Well, people definitely do jobs to earn money, and many times it happens that people don’t have that passion for doing that particular job. Still, they have to earn to feed their family, so that’s the main reason behind doing a particular job.

Question 5. What can people do when they feel bored?

Answer – Well there are many things people can do first of all they should try to spend more time with their kids and family they can also prefer to go on a holiday whether to a hill station or in the countryside where they can spend leisure time together so there are many ways in which people can refresh themselves

Question 6. What can people do to stop feeling boring?

Answer – I think apart from studies or work people should start focusing on some other activities such as sports or they can do something creative things which will always allow them to spend a quality time with themselves they can always focus on their body like they can hit a gym in a spare in their spare time or they can attend a yoga class so doing an activity apart from their work or study will always help to cope up with this problem.

Question 7. Do people get bored with daily routines?

Answer – Of course, as I mentioned earlier, people could get bored very easily by their monotonous work life and busy schedules.

Question 8. Can technology make life more interesting?

Answer – Well, definitely, this is a brainer, and this is why people have different accounts on various social media platforms. They also subscribe to some channels so that they can watch videos or TV shows that can make their life very interesting and bring some happiness as well.

Question 9. Is it easier for younger people to feel bored than for the old?

Answer – No, I disagree on that part. I guess whenever the children are doing something, they do it from all their heart they put their 100% into whatever they do so they never feel bored that is what I feel, on the other hand, our millennials are always doing multiple tasks at a time, and they are not able to focus on all of them that’s why they basically feel bored very easily.

Question 10. Do you think machines will do those boring jobs in the future?

Answer – In these times, artificial intelligence and robots have become increasingly popular jobs that require the least human interventions will be surely replaced by them. Still, some jobs like teaching or creativity or writing will always be done by humans because it requires human attention and touch.

Question 11. Do you think technology today is making people’s life easier?

Answer – Well again, this is a new brainer question because we have seen since last one year during coronavirus pandemic technology has helped a lot many schools and many universities are operating on zoom which is an application and they are running online classes secondly we know that across the clock there is a crunch for health workers, so doctors are also consulting their patients in from rural areas on video calls which is a great help to the entire humankind, so I think technology has helped enormously to the society

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