Talk About a Time When You Needed to Use Your Imagination

Talk about a time when you needed to use your imagination

  • When it was,
  • When you needed to use imagination,
  • How difficult or easy it was,
  • How you feel about it

Sample Answer of Talk About a Time When You Needed to Use Your Imagination

Well, nowadays, people are very creative as well as imaginative, and with their imagination, they have a viable solution to every problem. Similarly, I used my imagination when there was a competition in my school, and I took part in it. It was difficult because I had to write a thousand words on a topic named as handsome is that handsome does.

Actually, I was nervous because I didn’t know how to write a paragraph, but at the same time, I thought about my uncle, who was a great philanthropist. But now, he is no more in this world. He had a pleasing personality, and he did great work for the welfare of society. Then, I wrote about the pleasing personality of my uncle and his works as well as how he was social with other people.

So all these things built up my imagination, and I used it in my essay. I didn’t know how I wrote a thousand words in this essay. I was a little bit confused, but a few vocabulary words were given to us, so with the help of those clues, I could write. I constructed a story and presented it on paper, and judges were very happy to read my story.

Moreover, I also added how during the famine, my uncle contributed a lot by giving his whole crop and wealth to needy people. Although physiologically, he was not attractive, his great contribution helped a lot in modifying our society by building parks and other leisure facilities. All in all, that was the time when I used my imagination, and I got first prize. It was an authentic work, so since then, I have been writing poems and stories on paper, and I really feel very happy to take part in such competitions.

Follow-ups of Talk About a Time When You Needed to Use Your Imagination

Question 1. Do you think adults can have lots of imagination?

Answer- Yes, of course, adults can have lots of imagination because they play games which are very difficult, they solve riddles, and they explore hidden mysteries, so all these things make them more imaginative.

Question 2. Do you think imagination is necessary for scientists?

Answer- Well, there’s no dealing with imagination because science is based on facts or, in a nutshell, it is based on reality. It has no link with building up the imagination. Whereas it is more needed in the work of artists such as painters, writers and sculptures. Science is based on experiments. Reliability and validity are the key factors of it.

Question 3. What kind of jobs need imagination?

Answer- Well, the job of a writer or a painter as well as a sculpture is needed more imagination. In the teaching profession, it can also be used to bring some modifications in the behaviour of children so that they can get optimum success.

Question 4. What subjects are helpful for people’s imagination?

Answer- Other subjects such as history English are more prominent in building confidence as well as imagination among children. While taking part in a play, they can use their imagination and how they can groom their personality more by devoting themselves completely to a role that is given to them to perform. In the same way, they can think a lot about historical events and can use their imagination by getting clues about the civilization of that time and can know how people worked and lived.

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